9 Ways to prep your skin for long-lasting makeup

9 Ways to prep your skin for long-lasting makeup

Acing bases

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

These variety of makeup primers and bases can protect your skin while keeping it moisturised beneath your makeup.

It might be an overstatement to say that priming your skin before applying makeup is the most important in your makeup routine. But we stand firm with our words for good reason: A good primer serves as a barrier between your skin and makeup, allowing for smooth makeup application and to ensure your skin stays hydrated from all the makeup you're about to load on it.

If you've always pooh-poohed this step, you might want to think twice for the sake of your skin's health. A makeup primer/base also keeps your makeup budge-proof all day long, and certain primers have got properties that are tailored for different skin types, whether a pore-reducing option for oily skin or a hydrating base for dry skin.

But here's a pro tip: You can actually use sunscreen in place of a primer. "As SPF is a must-have in a daily skincare routine, you can opt to lather on your go-to sunscreen before applying makeup. It helps your makeup stay on really well," says makeup artist Shiyo Joo.

Those who have normal skin types and prefer to omit primers and makeup bases, sunscreens (read: not SPF-infused cushions or moisturisers) can be a viable option to keep your makeup on. But if your skin type is dry, combination or oily, a primer or makeup base is your best bet. Below, we've got a few new primers and cult favourites that you can check out: