Eyebrows for beginners: Tips, tricks and everything brow-related we learned from a pro


By Wei Yeen Loh

Eyebrows for beginners: Tips, tricks and everything brow-related we learned from a pro

If your eyes and windows to your soul, your brows are very much the window frames that keep ’em in place. A pair of well-groomed brows can take you places, and the art of constantly aceing a perfect set on the daily can be a challenge—especially if you are a newbie in this.

If you’ve always been plagued by these brow dilemmas i.e. uneven splotches after filling them in, getting a boxy shape when you were going for natural (it happens), and our biggest nightmare—overly tweezing them, read on for some much-needed advice shared by Benefit Cosmetics’ National Brow Artist Shanice Yong:

How would I know which brow product to choose for my brows?

It depends on what kind of brows you’re going for. If you’re a looking for something for every day, I would always recommend starting off with natural brows. Our new Brow Styler works well for you because you can create lots of looks with it and experiment with it. You can also go with our bestseller, the Goof Proof brow pencil, as it’s super easy to use and suitable for any skin tone and brow hair colour.

What brow products should I use for a more defined look?

Those who want to create intense, pigmented brows can opt for cream gels, especially if you’re going for that really defined, Instagram-worthy brow look. Our Brow Contour Pro, a four-in-one pencil, is great for you to create define brows as it’s very creamy and pigmented.

What are some brow mistakes people always commit?

Over-tweezing the brows! And also, drawing their brows in a boxy, squarish shape that starts overly harsh. This will give the face a fiercer look and it looks too fake—as though someone pasted on a stencilled template on your brows. Your brows should always have a gradient finish—starting light and ending dark for a natural look.

Is there a universally-flattering brow shape for everyone?

It really depends on your face shape. At Benefit Cosmetics, we have brow mapping techniques to find you the perfect brow shape for your face shape. Natural brows are still a classic go-to no matter the trends. From there, you can decide on which brow style you’d like to wear for different occasions. There are four styles we offer: bold and angular, straight, natural, and feathered.

A popular brow style here right now is natural. The straight brow trend is also quite a favourite with our younger clientele (who are very into the Korean beauty scene).

A tip to ace drawing in hair-like strokes on the brows?

I suggest using a pencil like Precisely, My Brow. I recommend using a classic technique first to find your arch, then trace a baseline from the bottom of your brow then upwards towards your hair growth. The baseline is for you to fill in the strokes easily. You can also use a liquid pen for a more defined look, especially for those with sparse patches in their brows.

Use a cotton bud or concealer to clean up any mistakes or harsh lines. If you fill in your brows and get darker patches, always remember to brush it out with a spoolie. Also, be aware of the pressure you’re exerting on your brows while filling them in to prevent inconsistent patches.

What are som brow hair removal and shaping methods you recommend?

The difference between threading and waxing is—threading is a more affordable option of course, but they don’t show you brow mapping techniques nor do they show you the best shape to suit your face or preferences. I’ve also heard of incidences where the brows ended up being excessively thin after threading! I would not recommend shaving brow hairs using a shaver as that will result in thicker hair growth, in-grown hair and pimples around the brow area.

If you’re planning to trim your brow hair (especially longer strands or those that are out of place), do it carefully with a spoolie and small scissors. But I’ll always recommend waxing as it’s more professionally-done and it’ll guarantee beautiful results.

What are some basic brow essentials that every beginner should have?

If you are not good with brows, Gimme Brow+ Volumising Eyebrow Gel is great to brush and volumise your brow hairs while giving it a tint for a fuller result. Otherwise, Goof Proof and Precisely, My Brow are great pencils for beginners as well. Cream gels and powders are more for those who are used to filling in their brows and want a more bolder look.

Any other brow tips you’d like to share?

If you aren’t sure of what brow shade to start with, try a shade that’s closest to your brow hair. After mastering your brow mapping technique, you’ll get a hang of it and filling in your brows will be second nature to you!

For girls who have unconventional hair colours, how do they pick their brow hair colour?

Our brow pencils come in a variety of shades that can complemented different hair colours. For those with cool-toned hair colours, we have shades such as Cool Grey and Cool Light Blonde, and for those with auburn or warm-toned hair, we have red-toned shades such as Warm Auburn and Warm Light Brown.

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