Break up with uneven brows once and for all

Break up with uneven brows once and for all

Wonky no more

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Dedicated to everyone who’s had enough lopsided-brow situations to last a lifetime

Waxing, threading, dyeing - you name it; I've tried almost every quick brow fixes available in the name of beauty research (read: getting as close as possible to the perfect set of arches of my dreams). And the closest I've gotten thus far is probably with the updated Brow Resurrection Define service by BROWHAUS, which I happily put to the test last month - anything for that extra bit of snooze time in the mornings, I say!

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Here's the experience broken down to some of the most important things you need to know if you want to up your brow game - stat:


Commitment-phobes look away now!

The Brow Resurrection treatment is a little like being in a relationship - you take all the wonderful things that come with its semi-permanent brow-enhancing magic, which last up to two years if - not unlike most relationships - you nurture it with love and proper after-care. If you think in terms of how much sleep-in time you'll have at the end, it's a total win, really.


It's not a spa treatment

Don't expect to walk into an aromatherapy-infused experience and walk out all zen-ed out for the day. The treatment - while not intense - is still a minor superficial procedure. After designing a pair of brows to your liking, the therapist will 'etch' strand by strand in onto your skin using a special tool and premium vegetable dye, which results in super-real looking brows, which is worth the slight discomfort. Trust me, it's a lot less scary than you think but nothing beats the two words that will completely change your mind about this: numbing cream. Most people feel close to zero pain - the most I felt was a little tingle at slightly sensitive areas but no more discomfort than a threading experience. 


You get what you pay for

The two-hour treatment comes with a slightly steep price tag of RM2,358.49 (exc. GST) but is worth the investment when you think about all the time you'll save trying to get your brows looking even every morning (up to two years' worth of mornings, if I may add) and the never-ending waxing and threading trips you'll potentially have to make. Plus, never ever have to worry about accidental eye or brow rubbing that will leave you with a third of a good brow left - totally speaking from experience here, obviously.


Lazy Suzy(s) not welcomed here

This brings us back to Point #1: Commitment. And the importance of after-care. There's a tricky list of do's and don'ts, which you have to adhere to if you want your new set of perfect brows to last. The list includes no swimming, sauna, exercising, all of which I was totally fine with - unlike these guys, I won't be training for the Olympics anytime soon, but what I struggled with a little is the no wetting the brow area for the first week. It all boils down to the million dollar question: what are you willing to do for the perfect set of brows?

Break up with uneven brows once and for all (фото 2)


I was lucky to not experience any major discomfort in the process and minimal stinging post-treatment, which only lasted a few hours. The healing stage was fairly easy for me, although I struggled a little with the no-washing part when it comes to my face or brows - I may have cheated with this step, but never compromised the after-care products, which I diligently apply twice a day for the first few weeks. 


And now the fun part: I'll be the first to put up my hand and say having sparse brows isn't the best thing about being Asian. So it was (and still is, hence waiting for a month to monitor the results before sharing the experience with you!) a life-changing experience for me. Oh, the joy to wake up with a perfect set of natural-looking brows staring back at you in the mirror (when everything else isn't) is such a treat. And you'll be surprised by the amount of extra time you get when you spend less of your life trying to get the right brow to match the right and so on and so forth in the mornings. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who's thinking of little beauty splurge for herself with long-term results - funny coming from a commitment-phobe myself, but this is definitely one relationship I hope will last for more than two years!

Brow Resurrection service is available at all BrowHaus outlets by appointment only. 




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