Microblading 2.0: You’ll never guess where

Microblading 2.0: You’ll never guess where

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Text: Terry Saw

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Korean women are getting semi-permanent makeup on an unexpected part of their face and the results are oddly satisfying

As a serious fan of all things beauty-related, curiosity and courage goes hand in hand with the job and while I have no qualms volunteering as tribute when an interesting (read: out there) beauty innovation pops up, this new Korean semi-permanent makeup trend may just sit on my beauty bucket list for a tad longer.     


Move over, brow microblading

Welcome to the K-beauty world of Hairline Microblading - yes, hairline. With all the success brow microblading has, and is still enjoying, it was only a matter of time before the clever cookies of semi-permanent makeup raised their game to make hairline microblading the next big thing in Asian beauty trends.


Why it works

And as we would expect from the land of beauty innovations, Korean women are leading the pack, taking the 'forehead contouring' trend a step further to now have their hairlines semi-permanently tattooed for a host of aesthetic reasons including improving the look of receding hairlines, to create an illusion of a smaller forehead or fuller and thicker hair, joining the tattoed freckles trend as one of the biggest beauty buzzes of 2017 so far.

By now, chances are you may have already on countless occasions filled your hairline in with makeup or brow powder, which makes all the difference especially when you're sporting an updo - there's something about having a fuller hairline that really flatters the frame of your face - but is this permanent forehead contouring your happily ever after?


What to expect

While I have yet to experience a hairline microblading treatment here in Malaysia just yet, I've checked in with several cosmetic beauty therapists to suss out exactly how different this technique is to the brow microblading, which I personally experienced and am quite a fan of - trust me it is a dream to not have to fix your brows every, single day or risk a wonky pair on mornings where you're strapped for time. Here are the basics I learned about hairline microblading and also check out the oddly satisfying before-after results by Korean bridal and aesthetics company, Wish & Co for an idea of what you can expect:

1. The technique is similar to the Brow Microblading process where a thin blade is used to create fine, natural hair strokes, which are then tattooed on to fill in gaps along the hairline for a fuller look.

2. You can expect a natural finish, with strokes almost identical to your natural hair colour, as the ink selected will be as close to your natural hair colour as possible.

3. The aftercare takes discipline - honestly speaking, the microblading process did not scare me as much as the post-treatment commitment that will be asked of you. You must be prepared to keep the area as dry as possible (bar the healing creams you will need to apply) so that means no swimming, sauna, skincare or exposure to the sun for at least 14 days. When maintained well, the results from a microblading treatment can last up to two years - I personally felt with my brow microblading experience that it was well worth the investment but to have my forehead microbladed and to avoid hairwashes for a week or so (because, priorities)...I say, each to its own, ladies.

But if all fails, there's always, always a silver lining. If the idea of semi-permanently tattooing your forehead isn't growing on you just yet - there's always the non-permanent, trial and error option of filling the gaps using powder instead. In the name of clean tresses, I vote the trend sit pretty on my bucket list for now - thank goodness for makeup! 

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