How to style baby hairs: 7 Ways to ensure your halo of flyaways are tamed


By Wei Yeen Loh

How to style baby hairs: 7 Ways to ensure your halo of flyaways are tamed

Baby hairs are back with a bang and while we’ve seen its resurgence on the runways and red carpet (spiral edges are a statement, y’all), some of us can’t quite put our finger down on how to make flyaways around our hairline look presentable.

But if these randy strands are holding you back from a clean, slicked-back hairdo, don’t opt for the snip just yet—try these seven baby hair hacks to keep your edges neat and chic.

#1: Use a toothbrush

First things first—the right tool makes all the difference in holding your baby hairs down. Your usual hairbrush and comb may not work in this case, so here’s a pro tip: use a toothbrush and work it in gentle, small strokes over your baby hair to smooth them in place. The bristles are dense enough to ensure that not one errant strand is left untamed.

Use a toothbrush with tip #2 (scroll down for more) for optimum results.

#2: Hairspray it down

If water isn’t working as well as you expected to secure your baby flyaways—we’re not surprised, it’s not the best all-day solution you can opt for—try using an extra-hold hairspray. Spritz it over your toothbrush or fine-toothed comb and run it over baby hairs, as mentioned in the tip above.

Try: Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray

#3: Style it

Having an entire hairline’s worth of baby hairs isn’t exactly the worst thing to deal with—hair loss is a whole different ballgame altogether, if you think about it. If your hair has got a mind of its own and refuse to stay still no matter the amount of hairspray you shower upon it, work with what you got and style it instead.

How to: dip your toothbrush or rat-tail comb in styling gel and swirl it over wispy hairs to create spiral shapes. You could also consider pasting crystal/diamanté elements around your hairline with eyelash glue to up the ante.

But if you are feeling lazy and strapped for time, try this five-minute hair trick i.e. put your hair up in a high, messy ponytail like Blackpink’s Jennie here—no one will fault your for your halo of baby hairs.

Try: IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel

#4: Blow-dry it properly

How you blow-dry you hair can really affect the way your edges look. But first, use a reliable hairdryer that offers both hot and cold air options—you don’t want to hot-blast your baby hairs till it bears an uncanny resemblance to fried seaweed.

When your mane is still wet, hold baby hairs down in the direction you want it to be as you blow-dry it. Alternate between hot and cold air for a few seconds each to set the style—you’ll want to use a nozzle to focus the air directly to your roots.

Try: Panasonic 1800W nanoe™ & Double Mineral Hair Dryer

#5: Use silk where you can

From your pillowcase to hair scarves, silk should be your new favourite fabric as it is anti-static (read: less frizz and bedhead in the mornings) and helps your tresses retain moisture better than cotton or polyester.

If you’re planning to style your baby hairs, wrap a silk scarf around your head to keep it in place for about 10–15 minutes—this will help to set your look and ensure that your efforts won’t go to waste.

Try: Slip The Glam Band Leopard-Print Mulberry Silk Headband

#6: Work with what you already have

If errant flyaways are the first thing you spot on your compact mirror the middle of the day—and styling gels are not your favourite—your mini bottle of hand cream may come in handy.

After applying your hand cream, smooth your baby hairs down with your palms. Better yet, keep a bottle of hair oil by your work space or in your bag so that you’ll never have to walk around with untamed edges. Our favourite is Schwarzkopf Mediterranean Finishing Oil for its refreshing scent and silicone-free formula.

#7: Don’t shave it off

You may be tempted to reach out for a pair of scissors to snip off your baby strands; or worse—wax, thread, or shave it off. But before you do anything hasty that you may regret, just know that it’s not going to work out that great either, unless you’re going for long-term hair removal solutions such as laser treatments.

Shaving or trimming it off will result in hairs that stick up or coil up (depending on your natural hair texture), rendering it almost impossible to style. The solution? Leave it be, and live with it—the aforementioned tips will work just fine.

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