How to put a happy filter on healthy

It doesn't have to be difficult


By Buro247

How to put a happy filter on healthy

Combine that with a grueling fitness regime that we might not necessarily enjoy, it creates more excuses for us to postpone adopting a healthier lifestyle


The truth of the matter can be entirely different if approached in the right way.  Healthy food is usually fresh and natural—hence making it a great source of flavourful yet nourishing goodness. What’s more, one simple ingredient that might be considered bland can create taste-bud tantalizing alchemy when coupled with one or two others.


Activity wise, it’s all about finding your movement mojo. We’ve all got one—be it hip swinging jive on a Saturday night or a nice gentle downward facing dog. 


The key to making healthy habits stick is to reframe the whole thing as the massively positive thing it actually is; helping you to live the best life you can.


Recalibrate your mindset

Becoming healthier is not a punishment, it’s about embracing your life—and you’ve only got this one.  If you want to be healthy, firstly you need to be committed 100% for you and for the right reasons.  Many of us start a new year saying, ‘I’m going to get healthy’, and this somehow trails off.  It’s so important to start from a perspective of how much better this is going to make your life, not how miserable! 


Visualize to motivate

What comes to mind when you think about getting healthy? Is it you sitting in a dark corner with a bowl of Kale while your friends party with candy sprinkled ice cream? If so, you can see why it’s never going to work out. That inner slide show can change just by swapping the filter.  Healthy natural food is bursting with colour. Picture natural sources vs sterile production lines mixing chemicals and artificial ingredients. Think about the post binge slump vs. bursting with energy from fuelling your body right.

Healthy salad jar

Get the commitment in perspective

Without commitment we can’t achieve anything. Think about everything you have achieved so far: your degree, your job, your children and your home. All these required a lot more commitment than making simple healthy adjustments to your lifestyle. All you are really doing is putting yourself in the best position to achieve the harder things in life


Have patience

Understand that change takes time. You can’t create new habits overnight. In fact, some habits can take months to form, but they will. Be kind to yourself and know that there will be days you’ll fall off the wagon.  There’s always a new day. 


Get the knowledge basics

What is being healthy? Healthy to you may be different for me. But no matter what, we still need to equip ourselves with some basic knowledge and this will help us develop our bespoke regime that we can truly live with. Yes, there are some basics to being healthy, but we’re each individuals and it’s about finding what works best for you and applying that to your life. For good!


Need a little help?

Why not give yourself a kick-start with PurelyB’s health programmes (we at Buro are running a contest for their 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge programme)? This is a great way to start things off in a really positive and all-encompassing way to establish a long-term way of life that totally suits you. There are two options with the plans; one includes meals delivered right to your door, the other with lots of delicious, easy to prepare recipes. Both are packed with tips and guidance that covers nutrition, fitness and motivation. You get instructional videos; access to expert forums and most importantly a very happy take on what healthy is.


Regardless of how you get yourself on the healthy road, remember the pictures we paint in our mind matter.  Make sure your healthy ones are happy. 


Edited by Jackie Wilson


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