#MondayMontage: Vegan delights

#MondayMontage: Vegan delights

Plant-based cravings

Image: Taline Gabrielian
Image: Steph Yu
Image: earthyandy

Being vegan looks super easy on these Instagram accounts.

If you’re looking at incorporating more vegetables into your diet, you might find motivation to eat and cook healthier on these Instagram accounts. From amazing salad ideas to wonderful smoothies and parfaits, these Instagrammers display how exciting and full of variety a vegan diet can be. 


1. Taline Gabrielian

Like most of us, Taline has a sweet tooth and found it quite daunting to go vegan as she didn’t want to miss out on her sweet treats. She started experimenting with vegan recipes to achieve the same sweet flavours that she constantly craves and we think she totally nailed it. Whether you are vegan or not, her vegan cakes and ice cream are sure to make your mouths water. 


2. Steph Yu

Steph’s Instagram account shows that being vegan is possible even when you travel. Follow her account to see amazing vegan dishes and desserts from different restaurants around the world and maybe the next time you eat out, you won’t hesitate to choose the vegan option. 


3. Andrea 

A mother of two, Andrea’s Instagram shows that a vegan diet can be popular with the little ones as well. Find delicious vegan bowls that look easy to prepare and tempting to eat. The colours of her bowls are so vibrant and exciting that it seems incredibly fun to be vegan.