#FitnessFriday: Team tries Pace Setter at The Unit


By Ronn Tan

#FitnessFriday: Team tries Pace Setter at The Unit


In this month’s edition of #FitnessFriday, we took on a challenge and checked out The Unit’s Pace Setter. Located on Jalan Telawi, The Unit is the first boutique gym to utilise a combination of rowing machines and BlazePods in HIIT training routines. According to The Unit, Pace Setter is a workout that puts your speed and agility to the test as well as maximises caloric burn. Find out how we fared here:


LOH WEI YEEN, deputy editor

Rowing, TRX band routines, and plyometric exercises? Trust me when I say that you are most definitely going to work up a sweat within the first five minutes of this class i.e. yes, even the warm up. Ben was great in explaining the routine, as well as motivating our behinds to push ourselves harder than we thought we could. My favourite part of class was the use of BlazePods during the final round—small flashing lights to better train our reflexes as we were attempting core workouts, planks, and the like. A must-go for anyone who’s looking to lose some serious calories and train their speed and agility. Tip: wear grippy shoes as the floors can get a tad bit slippery.

Rating: 4/5


STEPHANIE BOEY, fashion writer

The Unit’s Pace Setter class really gets your heart rate going. The first 15 minutes I was almost out of breath thanks to the squat jumps, jumping jacks, and high knees. The warm-up is a good inclination of what’s to come—death. Jk. It’s a cardio class for sure, it will have you sweating buckets!

Aside from that, I was surprised to know the previous lot tenants were Fancy Breakfast Club. I wouldn’t have recognised it. The grey walls and pink floors really change the whole look. The glossy millennial pink floor definitely adds character to the gym, but however pretty it was, I found it quite slippery. Felt like my shoes weren’t gripping the floor and I remember sliding down while doing knee push ups. I think it has something to do with the acrylic paint—explains the shiny gloss effect. But all in all, I like the location and routine, will be back, but perhaps in even grippier shoes.

Rating: 4/5


RONN TAN, lifestyle writer

I’m not going to lie—and I don’t have to because it’s obvious from my expressions—that Pace Setter *slammed me* for good! I was down. I was out right after the session. For the next few days, my body was generously sore; and by generously,  I mean sobbing beyond darkness. Like everyone else on the team, I actually really enjoyed the class despite the pain and intensity. The rowing was my favourite part because it was the easiest of the energy-killing lot. Pace Setter’s signature is the use of BlazePods, which I found to be super interesting and useful! They made the workout a lot more fun and keeps you focused. Ben was super helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed the way he guided the session. Will I do it again? Honestly, yes!

Rating: 5/5


REDZHANNA JAZMIN, editorial assistant

I was confirmed DeadTM after this class—I literally couldn’t use my legs for days because all the muscles in my body simultaneously atrophied from exhaustion. Need to sit down for a wee? Can’t do it (can’t squat). Need to drive your car? Can’t do it (calves are on fire). Need to get out of bed for work tomorrow? Can’t do it (my core is broken). That said, great workout! We alternated between the rowing machine and TRX exercises, both of which I’d never really tried out before but I found that I actually really enjoyed it. It was hard work, but the promise of a bangin’ body and also Mr Instructor Man shouting mean motivating things at me made it doable. Plus, I really liked the studio space; it’s nice and open and reads less like a sweaty gym and more like a cute cafe that people just happen to be sweating in… if that makes sense.

Rating: 4/5


CALLEIGH YAP, senior web designer

Pacesetter was PAINFUL. Period. I was never really a fan of high intensity workout simply because I don’t like the feeling of my heart pumping out of my chest. But the instructor, Ben made it fun for us and I really appreciate it! Even though I was out of breath, I gotta say that I was thrilled when Ben busted out the BlazePods. We were assigned to a colour and whenever the BlazePod shows your colour, you gotta do your squat jumps or burpees. Lucky for me, my assigned colour didn’t show up as much as Wei Yeen’s pod so I got to watch her do burpees while I rest (hehe, sorry Wei Yeen!). However, my only complaint is the slippery floor. I hope they will fix that so it’ll be less hazardous!

Rating: 4/5


The Unit

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Contact: 03 2856 3776

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