7 Best fitness accounts to follow on Instagram for your 2021 body and workout inspo


By Sanjeeva Suresh

7 Best fitness accounts to follow on Instagram for your 2021 body and workout inspo

2021 is all about making new changes and getting used to a new normal. With a breakout of Covid-19 cases in gyms across Klang Valley and a potentially impending second Movement Control Order looming, it’s time to consider working out from home. Now that we’re dependent on our mobile devices and looking for alternative ways to work out, here are seven fitness influencers you can follow to achieve your 2021 #bodygoals. We’ve also added a few Instagram accounts that aim to set the record straight on food and fitness. Whether you’re keen to exercise in your living room or just need some daily inspiration, add them on to brighten up your feed.

1. Jordan Yeoh


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Jordan Yeoh may very well be one of Malaysia’s top male fitness influencers (he’s not far from one million followers on Instagram). His Youtube channel is filled with fat-burning exercises and ab sculpting techniques. The best part is, almost all of his recent content was filmed outdoors or in his living room, meaning anyone can do it just about anywhere. His steps are easy to follow, from crunch heel touches to staggered jump squats.

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2. Danae Mercer

Danae Mercer is an inspiration. If you have, at some point, felt a sense of body insecurity while scrolling through your Instagram timeline or grid, Danae is the person to follow as she sets things straight. Often sharing side-to-side images of herself to raise awareness on how harmful and misleading social media images can be, she is an open critic of deceptive content posted online and is outspoken about everything from cellulite to stretch marks. A number of her videos, where she talks about styling, lighting and retouching, have also gone viral on TikTok.

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3. Julia van der Drift


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This certified Pilates instructor knows how to make y u sweat. Julia van der Drift is the founder and “master Pilates” instructor at Sculpt Cub Malaysia. On her profile, you can find her doing Reformer Pilates exercises and is someone to model yourself after if your 2021 goals are to improve on coordination, mobility and balance. She does just about any physical (and mental) exercise you can imagine, from tennis to cycling and yes, lots of yoga. This 27-year-old is the queen of energy, motivation and powerful hamstrings.


4. Kimberly Leggett


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