Our Friends of BURO share the biggest lesson they’ve learnt in 2020

Our Friends of BURO share the biggest lesson they’ve learnt in 2020

Looking back

Text: Joan Kong

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From KOLs to photographers to fashion designers, we ask the names we’ve featured this year one last question before the year ends

And just like that, we’ve reached the end of 2020. The year has undoubtedly been a tumultuous one, but despite all the trials and tribulations, we can’t deny that 2020 (and the pandemic) has also brought some positive changes into our lives, be it appreciating our family more or changing our lifestyle for the better.

Before we welcome the New Year, we got in touch with our Friends of BURO—which includes KOLs, fashion designers, photographers, hair and makeup artist, and more—on what 2020 has taught them.

Read on for they have to say below:

Yaya Zahir

KOL, TV host, and entrepreneur

"Although COVID-19 has impacted us in many ways this year, I’m glad that I learnt how to appreciate the little things in life that bit more."

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Shahrin Bahar

Bespoke tailor

"Four words: follow your gut instincts. It’s okay to only be good at one thing—always take your time to master a product, a habit, or a skill."

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"The biggest lesson for me is to not take life for granted. Losing my brother-in-law was a wake-up call for all of us. He’s such an icon, and we looked up to him. You always have to take time to focus on your health and your family."

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Bibian Leong


"The current pandemic has taught me so much when it comes to the way I see life. There may be a bad day, but there’s always a new day. And we have the power to change our day for the better."

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Veen Dee Tan


"The biggest lesson is really perseverance and how it plays such an important role in my business. If there’s no rain, there won’t be any flowers. When all hell breaks loose, I always, always remember why I started."

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Fashion designer

"Not everything will play out the way you intended it to. A solution to others may not necessarily work for you either. Just go with the flow without rushing into things—it’s okay to take time off to explore what suits you best and fully immerse yourself in the experience. Things will eventually fall into place."

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Soon Lau


"2020 has made me appreciate my family even more. I got to spend much more quality time with my children during the lockdown, and did things that I never would’ve done, such as going to the market."

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Rubini Sambanthan

Model and actress

"2020 is definitely a year that reconciled my ability to further dedicate my learning towards spirituality. It’s also a year that I finally unfold many things about self-care and how crucial it is to love yourself. You are your number one."

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Nana Law

KOL and entrepreneur

"This year, I’ve learnt to slow down, to be conscious of everything I do, and to understand what’s best for myself, as a business owner, a consumer, and a human being. I also learnt to be more optimistic and to always look at the bright side because there will be a solution for anything and everything. If there’s isn’t, move on. There’s so much more to explore in life."

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Chu Fan Gan

Makeup artist

"As a makeup artist who’s been in the industry for over 10 years, the whole MCO has made me appreciate all the opportunities even more—you never know when a job will be your last. Life is unpredictable."

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Jasmine Chong

Fashion designer

"I’ve learnt that as much as we want to make detailed plans and set expectations for the future, there’s only so much we can control about the world around us. And that we’re all just figuring things out, doing what we can. It’s freeing in a way."

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Raisa Azzam


"If there’s anything that 2020 has taught me, it’s that change is inevitable and it depends on how you evolve and grow with it."

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Tyson Gee


"I’ve learnt to be patient. Back in March and April, it seemed like the world was going to end but we waited it out. We stayed strong, and we can see that things are slowly coming back to normal again."

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