Passionate about diamonds? You should visit this exhibition in KLCC before it ends


By Adelina Tan

Passionate about diamonds? You should visit this exhibition in KLCC before it ends

Diamonds are a girl’s woman’s best friend, they say. Not only do they look good as jewellery, but responsibly sourced diamonds also positively impact the communities that source, design, manufacture and market the gemstones.

From now until 31 May 2021, the Tiffany & Co KLCC store is hosting ‘Diamonds of Tiffany’—a limited-run installation where you’re invited to explore Tiffany’s illustrious artisanal legacy. Through the exhibition detailing Tiffany’s full craftsmanship journey, glean a deeper understanding of the stringent standards by which Tiffany sources and handcrafts diamonds.

From Mine to Yours

Besides strict quality requirements—only 0.04 per cent of gem-grade diamonds are selected by the brand—Tiffany is also committed to environmental and social responsibility. Each newly sourced and individually registered diamond can be traced back to its region or country of origin, where Tiffany provides legal employment and pays fair wages.

Skilled Hands

The ‘Diamonds of Tiffany’ installation also recreates Tiffany’s workshop in New York City, where highly skilled craftspeople meticulously cut each diamond to maximise beauty and brilliance. The process will no doubt increase your appreciation for the beautiful pieces in Tiffany’s more than 300 retail stores worldwide.

Hollywood Glam


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While you’re at the KLCC store, do make time to view notable pieces such as the Square Emerald Cut Diamond 16.55 carat ring (Botswana sort), and the diamond earrings worn by Anya Taylor-Joy at the recent Golden Globe Awards. Marvel at their brilliance, with newfound clarity gained from your time at the ‘Diamonds of Tiffany’ installation.

‘Diamonds of Tiffany’ is on now at Tiffany & Co. KLCC until 31 May.

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