Taking the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smartwatch on a #BuroGetaway

Not just for a Kingsman


By Cai Mei Khoo

Taking the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smartwatch on a #BuroGetaway

With the know-how of Swiss watchmaking, combined with cutting edge technology from Silicon Valley partners, Google and Intel, the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch is the first Android Wear smartwatch created by a Swiss watchmaker. Complete with built-in GPS to track journeys and sporting performance, the Connected Modular 45 watch is also water resistant up to 50m, which makes it perfect for our trip to Bali, where we sunned, surfed and swam.


The modular design of the watch offers a variety of different options to suit your style or mood—the lugs, strap, buckle, and case of the watch are all interchangeable. Since I knew we were going to be spending some time outdoors, I opted for a watch with a titanium strap and Black Mat ceramic bezel. With a diameter of 45mm, this is easily the largest watch I’ve ever worn, but the legibility, clarity and resolution of the screen (thanks to OLED technology) quickly made me look past its size. Besides, there’s something quite effortlessly confident about a woman wearing an oversized watch, although bear in mind that it may not suit more delicate wrists.

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The modularity concept extends to the watch dial: the watch comes with 30 different watch dials, featuring parts in different colours, movements, finishes, counters, date and day windows. However, if it’s further personalisation you’re after, then the TAG Heuer Studio is for you. The app allows you to play watchmaker and tweak even the smallest details like having the watch hands in SuperLuminova, or changing the metal colour of the hour markers. Suffice to say, this had me looking at my watch and changing faces to match my outfits or my mood, throughout the day.


I used the Connected watch as my alarm in the mornings, wore it out at sea when we went surfing one day in Seminyak, after which, a notification popped-up on screen to remind me of a team brunch we’d scheduled that morning. I like that the watch features a touchscreen, alongside the command crown at 3 o’clock, which allowed for ease of use, although admittedly it did take me some time to get used to the Android format, as I’m not very familiar with it.

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While I didn’t get to properly try out the Maps function—perhaps our villa was tucked away too neatly from the main roads, or it could have just been the connection while in Bali, I imagine that the Connected watch could easily guide me through an early morning hike through Mount Batur to catch the sunrise, count steps taken, keep me company with music from my Google Play music library, and lead me back to the villa, or to the nearest warung for a hearty breakfast.


Much more than just for keeping time, the TAG Heuer Connected watch is a luxury smartwatch that bears the ‘Swiss Made’ label, which allows the wearer unparalleled connectivity in the digital times we live in.

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