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Who is your hero? For De Fam's Cik Manggis, YouTuber Brandon Ho and dancer Suhaili Micheline, they find their very own superstar in the everyday heroes who have been a positive influence in their lives.
When we think of a hero, we can't help but picture the likes of Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Spiderman and Ironman among others. Pop culture has long been glamourising celebrity superhumans to us mere mortals. But look beyond the silver screen of hero worship and dig a little deeper, you might just find someone closer to home (and heart) who represents what being a hero is really all about.

They may not wear capes or fly across the sky but they certainly wear many hats in their roles as a father, a mother, a mentor or a mentee. And they do go the lengths to make a difference in our lives in their own ways. These are the everyday heroes that we often overlook and take for granted but individuals whom we should pay tribute to. As how our Friends of Buro – Cik Manggis, Brandon Ho and Suhaili Micheline – are doing with their respective dad, mum and student.

This adorable father and daughter duo is unwavering in their love for each other – a bond so strong that it touched everyone present at the shoot that day. Ayah, as Cik Manggis fondly calls him, is a single father of three daughters. It wasn't an easy task to raise the girls. He was in the music industry and event management where the family would be on the road a lot. But it was a sacrifice that a dad would make for his children. For that, he's the only hero in her life.

On the biggest lesson her dad has taught her…
"My ayah believes that life is a learning experience and we must always give our best in everything that we do. Because anything that is worth doing is worth doing well. He always advised me to be a helpful and kind human being. 'Till this day, I always remember his words in whatever I do. He's the first person I always think of," shares Cik Manggis.

On Cik Manggis' strongest trait…
"Since young, she's been passionate and strong-willed. She has dreams and she works hard for her goals. I remember she used to dance in a flash mob back in college. And she would spend many hours practising her moves. I was surprised – I didn't realise she had that talent and determination in her," explains Shamsuddin.

It isn't hard to see the camaraderie and respect that this mother and son share with each other. The banter and laughter were palpable to everyone present, and infectious to say the least. Growing up, Mummy Ho has been a beacon of light and voice of reason in the family. The kindergarten teacher held down two jobs to help support the family but never once, neglected their needs. Something, that Brandon appreciates to this day.

On the devotion of his mum…
"I wouldn't be where I am today without the sacrifices that my mum has made for us. No matter how busy life gets or how many things she needs to do in a day, she always makes time for us and the people around her. She puts others' needs first before her own and never once have I heard her complain about life," says Brandon.

On her proudest moment…
"A couple of years ago, Brandon was offered a role in a local film. It was a big deal as it could help propel his acting career but he turned down the offer because there was a kissing scene. He didn't want to do it out of respect for the feelings of his future wife. To me, that really show a strong character and I felt blessed when I learned about it," Koni shares.

As a ballet teacher, Suhaili has come across many kinds of students but perhaps, not many who has shown as much courage and passion as Timmy Ong. The IT graduate has been performing on stage as an actor for the past six years while keeping a corporate job. His passion lies in the arts – to hone his skill, he took up ballet at the age of 23, where he now trains 4.5 hours a week with Suhaili as well as helps her teach.

On how Timmy has inspired her…
"Timmy has shown me the meaning of hard work and tenacity. I can see how focused he is by the hours he puts into his training. He is so determined to pursue his interest and chasing after what he wants in life – in short, he's going against all odds. As his teacher, he has reminded me what passion is about and why I love teaching, performing, dancing and creating," says Suhaili.

On what he has learned from Suhaili...
"Our friendship all started from dance and our love for dancing. She truly believes in perseverance and discipline. She always reminds me that anything that you want to achieve in life, you need to keep working at it and you will get there eventually. The more you fail, the more success will reveal itself through the learning process and your feelings of appreciation," says Timmy.

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Videography: Shepherd Pictures
Photography: Jena Yek/Shepherd Pictures
Art direction: Chong Yi Suen
Text & coordination: Gwen Ong
Styling: Stephanie Boey
Makeup: Jay and Renee / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Hair: Mei Choi
Location: The RuMa Hotel & Residences KL
Wardrobe: Cik Manggis in Uniqlo; Brandon Ho in Topman; Suhaili Micheline in d.d. Collective and Warehouse; Shamsuddin Idris, Koni Chan and Timmy Ong – talents' own

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