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First impressions: Jo Malone London’s Wild Flowers & Weeds collection


By Wei Yeen Loh

First impressions: Jo Malone London’s Wild Flowers & Weeds collection

Think of spring-ready scents and the last thing on your mind (or nose) will be the smell of weeds—rather, the scent of flowers and a walk in the woods. But perfume house Jo Malone London is revising what a typical spring-appropriate fragrance collection would smell like, with the launch of the limited-edition Wild Flowers & Weeds collection.

If your first thought is “doesn’t weed smell like grass?”—you are right, but not entirely so. The multiple facets of unruly weeds have been captured into five colognes, all inspired by wild flowers that mushroom the banks of winding streams in the English countryside. Trust Jo Malone London to set our sights on the beauty in the unexpected, especially with this surprising lineup of concoctions that definitely do not compose of any average floral notes—think bergamot, hemlock, nettle, yarrow and more.

The Wild Flowers & Weeds colognes come in 30ml bottles and decorated in a traditional painting style with printed illustrations of key ingredients. If these fragrances don’t deserve a prime spot on your beauty shelf, we aren’t sure what will.

Below, find out our first impressions of the Jo Malone London Wild Flowers & Weeds collection and what each fragrance reminds us of:

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