When Jo Malone London inspires an inner monologue with Sarah Lian

Take time for the little things

Text: Alyssa Lee

When Jo Malone London inspires an inner monologue with Sarah Lian
Watch: Sarah Lian lets us in on her innermost musings as she takes time to pamper herself with the best of Jo Malone London

At the dawn of a new year, the opportunities seem boundless; doors—they all await. In charting a new course, we pick, which to open and which to shut. But perhaps, the choice is not the only thing that matters; the steps between those doors, they count too.

Take time—to reflect, to dream.



We spoke to Sarah Lian, actress, media personality and entrepreneur, on the year past and the one to come.



"Suppagood, the talent management agency I started, has shown tremendous growth. Seeing the incredible work my staff and artistes have put into their own careers inspires me to work harder and dig deeper.

Two mandarin speaking films—'Get Hard' and 'Anak Malaysia'—placed me in uncharted territory this year. Despite that, the unfailing patience and support from the cast and crew made it a challenge I braved and loved.

Managed to spend some quality time with family last May, after not being able to in a while. Seeing how my parents have aged and how my niece and nephew have grown, I realise how fleeting time is."


"'Cathartic'. Also, it was about 'persistence' and 'growth'."


"Perseverance inspires me; the human spirit inspires me. How can you not admire the ability to bounce back and push forward? The love, time, and energy that people show me is something I can never show enough appreciation for."


"I think when I work, everything takes a back seat because I feel an immense responsibility towards the people I work with. I'm ambitious and I've always been self-motivated, sometimes it's hard to stay focused. I want to be able to do things from start to finish; last year had a lot of great lessons.

I know my strengths are tenacity, determination and boldness. Now, I want to practice also the art of mindfulness. I'd like to create space; to not react so much to the things around me; to think before I act."



"One of my favourite ways to unwind is by lighting a few candles and putting on some classical music. Relaxation is all about allowing yourself to let go for that moment.

Being enveloped in a scent takes me to a different place and mood. Be it sensual or buoyant, I get to set the tone. I love how with Jo Malone, scent layering lets me combine scents and create my own.

One that needs no layering is 'Nectarine Blossom and Honey'. It reminds me of home—in Vancouver. I used to buy dozens of nectarines in high season! Most of them end up in pies and crumbles."


FOR 2018

"In any situation, learn to listen to your own voice. Don't get lost in the noise. It's time to step out of your comfort zone. Start to challenge yourself. You're ready."



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Videography: Shepherd Pictures
Art Direction: Yi Suen Chong, Alyssa Lee
Styling: Alyssa Lee
Makeup: Ling Chong
Hair: Delon Lim

Shot on location at the John Jacob Astor Suite, with special thanks to The St Regis Kuala Lumpur.

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