7 Aerial photographers you need to check out on Instagram—especially if you miss travelling


By Ronn Tan

7 Aerial photographers you need to check out on Instagram—especially if you miss travelling

Do you have a favourite aerial photographer? With the advent of technology comes the rise in popularity of aerial photography. Go on Instagram and you can easily find a plethora of talents showcasing their best work. One of the most attractive aspects about these aerial photographers is that they are usually well-travelled—and their images reflect that.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all forms of non-essential travelling have been suspended and halted. Staying at home, self-isolation, and WFH are currently the norm for many. However, that does not, in any way, mean that you can’t still see the world—especially if you’re itching for your next vacation.

Although we don’t know when we’ll be able to travel again, these aerial photographers on Instagram can and will be a sense of salvation; for now at least. #Wanderlust.

1. Henry Do (@henry_do)

Henry Do is a full time freelance travel photographer—and it’s clear from his Instagram feed. His aesthetics feature a combination of urban and nature photography. One aspect that ties all his work together is his expertise in aerial photography.

The Vietnamese-American aerial photographer has been everywhere from the Zakynthos island in Greece to the Grand Prismatic Spring in the United States to Halong Bay in Vietnam.

2. Tobias Hägg (@airpixels)

Also known as Airpixels, the Swedish aerial photographer showcases his passion for landscapes, adventures, and the great outdoors through his work. Some of his images have been featured with exhibitions at the Swedish Museum of Photography, Fotografiska.

In Tobias Hägg’s aerial photography, one can easily identify his knack for details, patterns, and simplicity.

3. Irenaeus Herok (@iherok)

Based in Sydney, Australia, Irenaeus Herok’s aerial photography draws inspiration from cinema and old master paintings—featuring both traditional and contemporary aspects.

His work have been featured by Apple, Hermès, Lufthansa, Sofitel Hotels among others. He uses photography to highlight the very essence of every location he goes to.

4. Michael Goetze and Jampal Williamson (@saltywings)

Salty Wings—formed in 2016—consists of Jampal Williamson and Michael Goetze. They use aerial photography to create abstract and alluring imagery along with the passion to document remote and unique seascapes.

Based in Western Australia, Jampal and Michael have been everywhere from Norway to South Africa to Tahiti to Iceland. One can easily identify their focus on seascapes; with water, sand, and rocks being important components.

5. Stian Klo (@stianmklo)

In addition to having his work feature on National Geographic, BBC, Nike, and Apple, the Norwegian aerial photographer is also the co-founder of Lofoten Tours (with Arild Heitmann). Utilising their expertise and knowledge about locations, weather, and light conditions, Stian and Arild run photograph tours and workshops.

From Stian Klo’s aerial work, one will be able to notice his focus on the artic and polar areas of the world—making him one of the most prominent aerial photographers around.

6. Victoria Volchenko (@iamdronegirl)

The Mother of Drones (as written on her Instagram page) showcases moody and atmospheric captures through her aerial photography style.

Her photography comprises of both urban and nature environments—highlighting places in Russia and abroad (such as Istanbul, Amsterdam, and Sichuan.

7. Huda Bin Redha (@hudabinr)

In addition to being a lawyer, Huda Bin Redha creates content as a drone pilot—taking amazing aerial shots. Huda’s aesthetics include the mixture of spaces and cityscape.

Some of her best work feature desert landscapes; highlighting the mesmerising beauty of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Through her Instagram feed, one can see the world from Huda Bin Redha’s point of view.

These aerial photographers use their images to bring unparalleled views of the world. Take some time to browse through their respective Instagram pages and satisfy your cravings for travelling. Have fun checking them out! Which of these aerial photography accounts are your favourites?

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