Start your journey to a healthier life with these purifiers


By Ronn Tan

Start your journey to a healthier life with these purifiers

Health comes first is a phrase you have probably heard too many times, but there is truth to it. For there is nothing we can do if we don’t have good health, be it physical or mental. And good health starts from the home, where we reportedly spend 90 percent of our time aside from the office. Thus, it would be a wise move to invest in an air or water purifier in the name of health.

You may not see or realise it but indoor air pollution can be two to five times higher than the outdoors, according to a research by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. That’s pretty alarming since airborne chemicals can pose a great health risks especially to the kids, elderly and sick. Don’t even let us get started on water contaminants that are hidden in the home.

This is why you might want to consider the newly launched LG Electronics’ Puricare range for your household needs.

Puricare Tankless water purifier

As the name suggest and unlike conventional water purifiers, this cutting-edge tankless technology directly filtrates water without the need of a tank. Removing the tank from the equation means not allowing dangerous microorganisms to grow. In addition to that, hygienic drinking water, whether hot, cold, or room temperature, can be accessed easily with LG’s Inverter Compressor and Induction Heating (IH) system. Healthy for you, and healthy for the environment too, as less energy is consumed.

Also, you can easily meet your daily hydration target with the smart features that come with the Tankless water purifier. With a slim design and its 180° rotating tap, you can set a preferred volume of water and check the filter status via the indicator light—with the intuitive touch display. Just a push of a button and you’re all set.

That isn’t all, though. If you’re OCD like us, you can use the SmartThinQ app to monitor water usage by day, week, month, and year as well as check UV sterilisation, among many other possibilities. It’s definitely a smarter way to keep a pure drinking habit. Plus, you get to enjoy all these benefits with a 10 year warranty for its compressor.

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Puricare Air Purifier

Equipped with advanced air purification technology, the Puricare air purifier is designed with a unique cylindrical shape that enhances its performance. That is its air filtration and air purification systems. With the 360º Total Care Filter System, it can help to combat micro particles, harmful gases, and odours. Most homes have more than one source of air pollution, so it pays to be vigilant and of course, have better air flow generally.

Similar to the water purifier, you can also use the SmartThinQ system for monitoring purposes. You can control the applicance even when you’re away at the office. Yes, this means that you can check indoor air quality from anywhere and activate the air purifier before returning home. A big round of applause for convenience.

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If Blackpink is a revolution in the music industry, then the LG Puricare water and air purifiers are revolutionary in their category. Malaysians will definitely benefit from these innovations. Healthy water, healthy air, and healthy you. Go check out the Puricare appliances for yourself and maybe you’ll start singing LG and good health in your area. If you know, you know.

For more information, visit LG’s website.

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