Love it or hate it: The world’s first blue wine

What Monday blues?


By Rachel Au

Love it or hate it: The world’s first blue wine

The biggest obstacle for Gïk Blue isn’t so much of its taste but people’s mindset to accepting that this blue wine – a first in the world – actually exists. But with the rise of millennials on the forefront of  startups and the vast technology meets research that companies have access to, it’s not too surprising. Within this year alone, we’ve read about the world’s first champagne to drink over ice, a wine theme park in France, a new multi-vintage champagne, rosé-flavoured gummy bears and cat wine. Yes, we’re not too surprised. 

gik blue wine

Founded by six young Spanish entrepreneurs under the age of 30 with no background or family history in the wine industry, Gïk Blue was purely inspired by the new generation in Spain that prefer beers, liquors or cocktails over the traditional wine. “None of us liked traditional wine, so we decided to start a little revolution by creating a sweet, easy to drink and blue wine,” Gïk’s co-founder Aritz Lopez told The Independent UK.

gik live blue wine

Rest assured that the electric blue is completely made from natural ingredients. Gïk worked with a team of chemical engineers from Spain’s University of the Basque Country for two years to help “merge nature and technology” to create a blue wine. To create the colour, they use anthocyanin, a pigment from the red grapes’ skin, and indigotine, which is derived from plants. And they blend several varieties of red and white grapes from around Spain, including the wine regions of Castilla la Mancha and Rioja for this. However, they enhance the resulting flavour with non-caloric sweeteners to essentially create a sweet drink with 11.5 per cent alcohol per volume. 


Gïk Blue is currently sold in 25 countries with plans to expand to the US next year. 


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