Moët Ice Impérial: The world’s first champagne to drink over ice

Moët Ice Impérial: The world’s first champagne to drink over ice

On the rocks

Text: Rachel Au

A champagne that is specially crafted to be enjoyed over ice, the Moët Ice Impérial 2016 has recently dived onto our Malaysian shores

With its more than 270 years of expertise, Moët & Chandon is a pioneer of many things, bringing exquisite fine wine and champagne to newer levels and breaking the traditional norms of enjoying them - like how they specially crafted the world's first-ever champagne to drink over ice, the Moët Ice Impérial. However, champagne on the rocks isn't as simple as just pouring a glass of any bubbly over multiple ice cubes. It's a new drink on its own and in its own right.

Moet Ice imperial Fuze Club KL

Tailor-made for sunny rendezvous at chic summer hotspots, be it at the beach, roof tops, terraces or the poolside, the Moët Ice Impérial is perfect in a large cabernet-style glass with three ice cubes. Its palate is generous and fruity, combining the intense flavours of tropical and stone fruits such as guava, mango and nectarine with notes of raspberry and gooseberry. It's round and fresh akin to a fresh fruit salad and the captivating sweetness of caramel and quince jelly - an overall exceptional blend when it meets with ice. 


The Moët Ice Impérial is currently available at Fuze Club Kuala Lumpur. 


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