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Frog Bread: What is it and why the latest food trend will make you smile


By Ronn Tan

Frog Bread: What is it and why the latest food trend will make you smile

With the COVID-19 pandemic currently rampant around the world, many have resorted to staying at home and practising social distancing. Apart from keeping ourselves safe, we’re also doing our parts to keep others safe, especially the vulnerable (such as the senior citizens). Self-isolation is also a massive show of gratitude towards frontliners who have been putting everything on the line in this fight against the global health crisis.

At the same time, while people continue to quarantine, they find interesting and new ways to brighten up their days at home—with food being one of the most popular avenues. Examples include Dalgona coffee, cereal pancakes, and banana bread. Now, here comes the frog bread!

If you enjoy baking bread during quarantine, the frog bread is something you’d be interested in. Well, probably not if amphibian-looking delicacies turn you away. Good news is that it’s food and it’s actually really cute. The frog bread is so adorable that people have been sharing their delightful versions on TikTok and Twitter.

No, it’s not weird at all. It’s exactly what it’s called—with two dough blobs and four crouched legs. It’s as simple as it gets. It’s definitely fun; a creative result of prolonged boredom. Every loaf of frog bread differs from each other; making every single creation unique and full of joy. Infuse your own personality and use different herbs and ingredients.

It is said that a 2005 recipe from The Fresh Loaf inspired this new food trend. If you’re planning to bake one for yourself, that’s where to start. Before you begin, keep this in mind: it’s not Dalgona coffee so you don’t have to beautify the frog bread. The fun lies in its imperfections.

Put your skills to the test! Search for your favourite species and get baking. Maybe not the Blue Poison Dart Frog, Mimic Poison Frog, or Golden Poison Frog—for obvious reasons. Whatever you decide to do, loosen up because the frog bread is supposed to make you happy. In fact, it’s a cheerful and much-needed addition to life at home amid the coronavirus pandemic. The frog bread might be the latest food trend but it can very well be a helpful source of happiness. Bake, look at your  loaf of frog bread, and smile.

What are your thoughts on the frog bread? Are you planning to bake your own loaf? If you need more baking ideas, click here.

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