The do's and don'ts of taking the plunge

The do's and don'ts of taking the plunge

Risky business

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

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The art of pulling off a plunging neckline is tricky to master. Here's how you can look edgy without coming off as a has-been

What we like about plunging necklines is that it effectively imbues a sensual, risqué touch to your look. But if you aren't careful enough with your neckline and how you wear it, you'd risk a 1) fashion faux pas waiting to happen anytime, and/or 2) looking like an attention seeker who's really trying too hard.


Here's how you can wear it right and look like a stunner for your night out:

The do's and don'ts of taking the plunge (фото 1)

Go for a plunge that's simple and straightforward like Emma Watson. Any other add-ons (you don't need side cutouts to flaunt your rock-hard abs, really) would deem your outfit irreverent, and a flattering bottom silhouette goes a long way in lengthening your frame, instead of Kim Kardashian's ill-fitted jumpsuit.


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If you're heading for a swanky event or somewhere a little more formal, do what Kate Hudson does best: delivering class with just the right amount of sexy thrown in, dressed in a cape gown. Even if you've got a banging bod like J. Lo, no one really wants to see a full frontal view of your leg awkwardly jutting out and plenty of décolletage all at once. The legs or chest rule should always apply at all times.


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But ultimately, if you've worked hard at the gym all year round and would like to flaunt your pins on a girls' night out, you may bend the legs or chest rule. Stay away from any embellishments that scream showgirl—like Britney's glittery tasseled frock. For a change, go with a long-sleeved mini dress like Rosie Huntington Whiteley and remember to chuck in double-sided tape in your purse for good measure. 


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