Team BURO Answers: What is your favourite fashion trend for 2023?

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By Benedict Unang

Featured images: Eve Lyn Lau for BURO Malaysia
Team BURO Answers: What is your favourite fashion trend for 2023?

An array of fashion trends have come onto the scene over the past year, from the return of ballet flats and the Adidas Samba to the emergence of coquette aesthetic and cherry red hues. As 2023 draws to a close, Team BURO takes a retrospective look at some of the trends they have favoured. From shimmering metallic pieces to practical chic bucket bags, discover what has defined our style this year below. 


“My favourite trend this year has undoubtedly been metallic silver. It first caught my eye on runways in late 2022, and Beyoncé further showcased its glorious allure on her Renaissance tour. Given its shiny and distinctive nature, I initially wouldn’t have considered incorporating it into my everyday wardrobe. However, throughout the year, various brands released shoes and bags in this iridescent tone, making it hard to resist. Whether it was international labels such as Gucci and Diesel or local brands like Nazifi Nazri and Machino, there were plenty of silver options to choose from.

“Although I haven’t worn this hue frequently, I did set it as the dress code for the BURO Impact Awards 2023 finale party. I was pleasantly surprised to discover its versatility and was excited to see everyone’s interpretation of the trend. Personally, I would dial down the hue’s boldness with a neutral colour like white—similar to the outfit I wore at our event early in December.” — Sarah Hani Jamil, Editor-in-Chief


“So many trends have come and gone this year, but I like the fact that the cargo pants trend took off (as Sarah had anticipated last year) and is still around…for now. I love wearing comfortable, practical clothing—and cargo pants *make sense* with their loose fit and multiple functional pockets. Case in point: when I wore them to Coldplay’s concert in Kuala Lumpur and could easily stuff my used raincoat and portable fan in the pockets to keep my hands free to wave and vibe along to the music! I’d typically pair them with a simple crop top and sneakers, then throw on an oversized shirt if I’m feeling chilly or a cap on a bad hair day. So effortless yet chic!” — Natalie Khoo, Deputy Editor 


“There are so many trends that come to mind—ruffle layers, bows galore, corp-core and the like—but if I had to pick one favourite, it would have to be the resurgence of coloured tights. I was a big advocate for a bold pair of stockings back in the early 2010s, though I must admit that my styling choices were a little questionable. So, I have been loving the opportunity to redeem myself. 

“Want a cute way to cover up your legs without having to go the dress-over-jeans route? Throw on a pair of coloured tights! Want to add a pop of colour and intrigue to an otherwise boring ‘fit? You guessed it—coloured tights! Want to add a little texture where you’re lacking it? Get a pair of coloured tights made from lace! Better yet, tuck them into your favourite pair of kitten heels—it’s just too cute! They’re so versatile and, when done right, are such a serve.

“My only qualm is that Malaysia is too hot to rock tights daily—that said, if there’s air conditioning, my legs are fluorescing!” — Redzhanna Jazmin, Beauty Editor


“In 2023, nostalgia dominated the runways. From the ’80s neon colourway combinations to the grunge era of the ’90s, it was all showcased via oversized silhouettes thanks to the much-beloved blazer. One can basically wear anything underneath, but when topped with a blazer, the look instantly becomes a style statement. To dress for work, I trust some of the many blazers in my wardrobe to amp up my look. Even if it’s just jeans and a tank top for the day, the blazer always exudes a sense of power and professionalism. Also, if the runways of Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and Gucci say blazers are in, you best believe they are.” — Naseem Randhawa, Special Projects Director


“My favourite fashion trend of 2023 is definitely seeing the revival of the maxi skirt come back in full force! During my early twenties, I was all about mini skirts and shorts. However, since passing my mid-twenties, I’ve started gravitating towards less form-fitting clothes and conservative (albeit still cute!) fashion—and this trend blew up at just the right time, giving me so many more options to shop for. They come in different materials and patterns, so you can never grow tired of styling them. Not only are maxi skirts uber comfortable, but they’re also practical for hiding my food babies after satisfying meals and offering me coverage whilst still being airy and breathable.

“Plus, maxi skirts have become a staple item in my wardrobe because of how versatile they are; they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For example, opt for a silky black maxi skirt with heels for a semi-formal function, go for a flowy ruffled maxi skirt with a basic top for an effortlessly feminine everyday look or style your denim maxi skirt with a comfy cropped sweater if you’re into that clean girl aesthetic! The options are endless, and I look forward to styling them even more in the new year.” — Marissa Chin, Lifestyle & Culture Writer


“If there’s one thing people should know about me, it’s the fact that I love handbags, and this year I’m all about bucket bags! You can tell it has room for a lot of stuff just by looking at the cylindrical silhouette, and you can bet I’ll stuff everything inside. I also like how versatile it is because you can carry it in the crook of your arm with the top handle or as a crossbody or over-the-shoulder bag with the detachable strap.

“Beyond that, I think bucket bags are suitable for every occasion. Whether you’re running an errand or enjoying a weekend break, you can count on it to be a reliable companion. While the Saint Laurent Le 37 remains at the top of my wish list, my go-to bucket bag at the moment is from homegrown brand Rizman Ruzaini, and I usually pair it with casual outfits like jeans and white T-shirts.” — Benedict Unang, Fashion Writer


“As much as I love buying clothes and playing dress-up (or simply window shopping), I have never bothered to keep up with fashion trends. Or rather, I’m unapologetically indifferent to any item that isn’t black and/or would cause a discordance to my personal style. But in spite of my bold words, I do admit that the only ‘trend’ that comes to mind that I actually liked was none other than the iconic Prada Monolith Brushed Leather Loafers (in black, obviously). 

“These chunky-soled slip-ons stomped their way into the OOTDs of several IG fashion influencers I religiously stalk, like Narrina Natasha and Venetia Alia, asserting themselves as a staple piece to complete the casual corporate or school-girl grunge look. While I don’t own a pair or ever see myself splurging on them (due to owning more affordable lookalikes in the form of brogues and boots), it’s a no-brainer that I would style the Prada loafers the exact way I do with any pair of black shoes—with an undisputed pair of white ankle socks!” — Sarah Tai, Head of Design 


“I’m into bows this year. It’s fascinating to see our childhood classics making a killer comeback now that we’re in the era of bows. I enjoy styling it because there are so many colours, finishes and ways to tie them. I usually get mine from random stationery stores, and I use them on my hair, bags, and… everywhere! They look great as Christmas decorations, too. Right now, I’m eyeing a sweet pair of Bowerhaus earrings to my collection!” — Eve Lyn Lau, Web Graphic Designer







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