4 Ways to jazz up the sport-luxe trend

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By Joan Kong

4 Ways to jazz up the sport-luxe trend

We know that the sport-luxe trend has been around for (more than) a while now, but there’s just something about the effortless-cool vibe it exudes that makes it a mainstay in street style fashion. I mean, what’s not to like about a trend that is both comfortable and stylish? Over the years, the sporty pieces have been given a perk-me-up with polished pairings to achieve that perfect day-to-night look. From rocking a sporty logo T-shirt with your pantsuit on Casual Fridays, to finishing off your bomber jacket-jeans get-up with a pair of chic sock boots, juxtaposition is key. Avoid looking like you’re on your way to the gym with these four tips:


Layering is key

Looking effortless doesn’t necessarily mean you have to look unkempt; layering is the easiest way to spruce up an outfit. If you’d like to stick to a black-and-white colour scheme, try layering a turtleneck under a loose sport tank top, and finish off with a duster jacket styled off the shoulder like look 1. Alternatively, get your style inspo from look 2 by throwing on a cool camouflage-print over the sporty attire, or go sartorial à la look 3 with an oversized button-down shirt worn over.

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Glam it up

Juxtaposition is key to avoid the going-to-gym look, and what better way to amp things up than with trendy footwear instead of your usual sneakers? Dip your toes in the sock boot trend by giving yourself a height boost when you’re clad in hoodies or bomber jackets, or throw in some bling into the mix—embellishment or metallic colours help to spruce up the one-dimension look.

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When in doubt, matching co-ords are fail-proof. To retain the style factor, opt for pieces in girlie hues à la look 3 to offset the “athletic” vibe, with accessories such as cool round sunglasses and layered dainty necklaces to complete the outfit. Besides that, dressing in the same tone helps to keep things polished, so you can go bold with the layering and accessorising.

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Colour pop

There’s nothing like a punchy bright hue that uplifts the dullest of looks. Whether it’s just a panel of yellow at the side of your track pants, or a pair of rich-hued sneakers, you can always count on the colours to spice things up. When you’ve mastered incorporating hints of colour, level up by incorporating different shades for some colour-clash, and mix and match to sport your favourite colour combo. Be prepared to turn heads!

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