#WednesdayWishlist: Athleisure picks we want to wear all day long

#WednesdayWishlist: Athleisure picks we want to wear all day long

In the spirit of Rio 2016 Olympics

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

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This week, the team shares their favourite luxe athleisure essentials worthy of being worn all day long, in the spirit of the Summer Olympics

Cai Mei Khoo, Editor in Chief: Sweater from Sacai

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While pleated Sacai anything makes me weak at the knees, this cosy sweater with a lace-up back would be my go-to athleisure staple. It's loose fitting but only just so and manages to look smart enough to wear to work. Pair with an oversized shirt and it's business at the front, party at the back. 


Gwen Ong, Deputy Editor: Michael Kors Access smartwatch

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As far as the athleisure trend goes, I’m all for it. What’s not to like, the pieces are both comfy and functional; you can wear them for work and play. But if you’re a little traditionalist on the inside, I think you can’t go wrong with a beautiful and classic-looking timepiece to stay on point. Michael Kors has got it right with its Access smartwatch debuting this Fall 2016. It looks sleek like a regular watch but reveals several nifty functions of a cool wearable. With this touchscreen timepiece, you’re on the ball with text and email notifications, social media updates and even fitness tracking too.


Jasmine Leong, Senior Fashion Writer: Fendi Monster track jacket

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While most people’s favourite part about athleisure is that it’s finally acceptable to wear jogger pants beyond the gym, I love the fact that I don’t have to be, well, athletic to don the trend. With the stand collar and fleece lining, chances are that I will be rocking this chic track jacket at work (it’s freezing at the office), not while working out. And the signature Fendi monster eyes on the front? So much yes.


Loh Wei Yeen, Fashion & Beauty Writer: Original Achilles leather sneakers by Common Projects

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I think I've mentioned (for the umpteenth time) that pink really isn't my go-to colour for anything, save for lip/cheek products. But one look at these utterly beautiful sneakers from Common Projects and I knew it was meant to be. If and when I am done with raving over that buttery leather and understated blush hue, I will likely wear it out with a sleek pair of skinny jeans and a chic sweatshirt, summery dress, or anything that goes hand in hand with my athleisure-leaning tendencies.


Rachel Au, Lifestyle Writer: Jacquard tennis dress from L'Etoile Sport

Jacquard tennis dress from L'Etoile Sport

In spirit of the very upcoming 2016 Rio Games, a lot of us in the office are in the mood for something on the sporty side this week. That, and for me, it's after admiring these cool designer Olympic uniforms. Since I won't ever be eligible for those, I'll settle for this adorable white tennis dress from L'Etoile Sport. A classic silhouette with a playful addition of neon-lime zipped pockets, I think I'd wear it on or off court—though I can't really play tennis.  


Tan Su Fen, Writer: Duchesse-satin bomber jacket from Victoria, Victoria Beckham

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I can’t say I was upset when the athleisure trend came calling – all the more reason to go around in comfortable, sporty threads? Yes please, and this bomber jacket by Victoria, Victoria Beckham makes nailing the sporty chic look a breeze. The navy satin speaks of effortless elegance, countered with soft ribbed-jersey trims and gently puffed sleeves for a unique silhouette; it’s the perfect jacket to bring along and take on Rio’s mild winter.


Alyssa Lee, Editorial Assistant: Printed rash guard from Mara Hoffman 

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If you had asked me two weeks back, what a rash guard was, I would have guessed an ointment for hives. One three hour-long submergence into a dive expo with my diving enthusiast of a beau later, consider my eyes opened. This Mara Hoffman rash guard might just be the thing that sells me on a dive trip. Sculpting (read: slimming) stretch fabric? Check. If the sculpting fails to carve me an hourglass figure, label’s pastel-hued ‘Fractals’ motif will distract from the pina colada belly I’ll be developing and make for the best underwater OOTDs. Sun protection? Check. SPF50 built into the fabric itself is going to be a lifesaver – let’s face it, reapplying sunscreen every 20 minutes has never been practical. Tropical weather friendly lightweight stretch-nylon? Check. Throw on a tulle skirt and I’ll be ready for a luau. Maybe next I’ll get a tattoo that says, ‘Fish are friends, not food’. 


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