The newest hit from The Chainsmokers is not what you would expect



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The newest hit from The Chainsmokers is not what you would expect

Formed only five years ago, The Chainsmokers have achieved what many artistes can only dream of over the span of their careers. 10 million singles sold, a Grammy for Best Dance Recording, Billboard Music Awards’ Top Collaboration of the Year for their single “Closer,” featuring Halsey and a position as the third most streamed artist in the world; it’s evident that their sound has resonated with audiences from far and wide.

Alex Pall and Andrew (Drew) Taggart have had musical successes aplenty, but now is the time for a real fashion hit. Beginning Fall 2017, the celebrated American pop music/producer duo will appear as the global brand ambassadors for Tommy Hilfiger menswear—including Hilfiger Edition, Tommy Hilfiger Tailored, and Tommy Hilfiger sportswear.



This fusion of fashion and music has long been a pillar of the brand; legends like David Bowie, Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones and Beyoncé have all struck wonderful partnerships with All-American label. “The Chainsmokers are at the centre of modern pop culture… I admire the way they have carved out a new niche that fuses indie, pop, dance, and hip-hop,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “Alex and Drew are truly the perfect definition of today’s Tommy Guy—their talent, optimism, unique sound and effortless cool have made them standout in the music world. We’re extremely excited to work with them in the fashion space.”


To mark the launch of their collaboration, 4,000 exclusively-designed green Tommy Hilfiger menswear bomber jackets, inspired by The Chainsmokers, will be released alongside the Fall 2017 men’s collection that celebrates the ’90s and the streak of rebellion that decade bore.

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“Like Tommy Hilfiger, we have always believed in celebrating individuality and breaking conventions,” said the musical duo. “Tommy paved the way for collaborations between fashion and music, and we are excited to collaborate with a brand that aligns so closely with our own artistic approach and shares our passion for creating memorable experiences for our fans.”


Find the Tommy Hilfiger men’s collection in stores and online at


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