How to take good care of your intimates


By Liyana Zamzuri

How to take good care of your intimates

Let’s get real for a second about caring for your intimate wear. Do you really know how to properly wash your undies? Poor maintenance can totally ruin your favourite undergarments because even the best of the best fabrics out there cannot save your lingerie if you don’t take proper care of it. Bear in mind that keeping your intimates in tip-top shape will help you save money as this means that you don’t have to replace them as often.

Here are some useful tips to help you clean those babies, save your moolah and extend its longevity.

1. Pre-treat any stains



If there are makeup, deodorant or discharge stains on your intimates, worry not! Here’s a nifty tip for you to remember: any kind of stain will not be easily removed unless you pre-treat it. All you have to do is gently dab on the stains with a mix of lukewarm water and a dash of detergent. Then, leave it for a few minutes to let the stains lift. This step also helps with stubborn stains on fabrics.

2. Hand-wash it

The best way to wash your intimates is by hand. Once your intimates are stain-free, soak them in soapy water for a good 10 minutes. To keep the fabrics intact, remember to not scrub aggressively. Just rinse them gently with cold water—leave those bra straps, cups and bends alone okay?

3. Use detergent specially formulated for delicates

A common mistake amongst people—washing undergarments with regular detergent. Delicate, sheer and seamless numbers would not make it alive as regular detergent comes with chemicals that break those fibres down into shreds. Do choose detergent with “delicate” or “gentle” on its label.

Extra tip: You can also use delicates-only detergent for your other garments that stretch, such as swimwear, nylons and, hijabs.

4. Use lingerie bags if you’re opting for the machine

No time to leisurely hand-wash your growing pile of lingerie? There is no shame in using the washing machine. Score lingerie mesh bags for extra protection for your delicates. At least you don’t have to be afraid of getting those bra straps tangled to your precious cashmere sweater or your favourite thong transferring colour to other clothes.

Extra tip: Hook the bands of your bras together so it doesn’t spin out of control while it’s in the machine.

5. Always air-dry

Whatever you do, do not put underwear or bras in the dryer. Even on low heat, dryers can destroy the underwire in bras and damage the elastic in bands. You can probably say goodbye to those extra-dainty panties too, as those will age before its time. Avoid hanging your bra by its straps as the extra load of the wet fabric will stretch out the straps.

Extra tip: Lay your underwear flat on a towel to absorb excess water.

6. The best way to store your intimates

Keep your bras standing to help them hold the shape. The bras should be in a cup-to-cup position and folding them in half is a big no-no! As for your undies, lay them nice and flat so that the shape retains (Marie Kondo can help you with this).

Extra tip: Invest in lingerie drawer dividers or boxes to organise your bras and underwear better. It gives extra support when they refuse to stand on their own.

Be delicate with your delicates; you can thank us later.

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