9 International Hijabi fashionistas you should follow on Instagram

9 International Hijabi fashionistas you should follow on Instagram

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Text: Joan Kong

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Here’s a round-up of some of the most stylish Hijabi ladies on the internet

As the fashion world becomes more and more inclusive, modest wear is slowly (but surely) taking its place in in the industry, and has become more omnipresent in recent years. Gone were the days where modest fashion is perceived merely as wearing a covered-up clothing. Nowadays, it's also a way for Muslim women to showcase their style, experimenting with trends and layers that defy the typical stereotypes while remaining modest. International brands are launching modest wear lines or more elaborate collections to cater to this untapped market. Thanks to the power of Instagram, we've found a list of Hijabi fashionistas with enviable styles that even non-Muslims aspire to recreate. Here are the ladies who you should be following, stat.


Fatma Husam @fa6ma7sam




The Dubai influencer is the epitome of feminine elegance. Her signature style usually comprises of a pastel long dress or plain trousers look with a long outerwear layered over, resulting in silhouettes that flow with every move. If you need some inspo on easy, polished dressing, look no further. But apart from that, we like how the 25-year-old edges it up once in a while with her athleisure looks. Her bag collection—filled with arm candies from Chanel, Hermès, Dior, Louis Vuitton and more—is worth noting too.


Khaoula El Boumeshouli @khaoulaboumeshouli




A modest style influencer based in Amsterdam, Khaoula El Boumeshouli's love for neutral hues is apparent from her Instagram feed, and she perfectly shows how to elevate the simplest jeans and sneakers get-up with a statement outerwear, It-bags of the moment and eye-catching sunnies. She may not have the most followers on the list, but her casual-cool style definitely speaks to us, and it's one that's oh-so-easy to emulate.


Leena Asad @withloveleena




While Khaoula's feed is filled with dark and casual-cool ensembles, Leena Asad's Instagram is the opposite. Always spotted in white or light, the Texas-based influencer often leans towards neutral-hued clothing that radiates a demure vibe. To play things up, she includes girly touches such as lace, ruffles and florals into her outfit.


Maria Alia @mariaalia




Based in NYC, it should come as no surprise that the half Palestinian and half Puerto Rican fashionista has that too-cool-for-school vibe when it comes to her sense of style. In an interview with Nasty Gal, she revealed, "I think it's really important to show that you don't have to limit yourself based on modesty or your religion or culture—you can still be stylish." A scroll through her feed and you'll notice her effortless attempt at rocking a get-up with tie-dye print top and satin skirt, or a full vinyl look in fiery red.


Nabilah Kariem Peck @nabilahkariem




The South African student calls herself "a skinny girl with fat dreams". When it comes to her #OOTDs, one thing's for sure: she has got all her poses down pat. We love her bold more-is-more aesthetic; anything but a T-shirt-and-jeans girl, she consistently opts for interesting textures, prints and statement accessories to give her outfits that extra 'oomph'. Her love for leopard prints is apparent, too.


Sally Omo @sallyomo



Sally Omo's style can be described as polished with hints of vintage flair. When she's not in a blazer or pantsuit look, you can find her in '50s or '60s-inspired polka-dot maxi dresses or a ribbed sweater-shirt combination, but either way, she always looks sophisticated. Her footwear options—from Gucci velvet loafers to Fendi monogram heels—have our seal of approval too.


Sara Sabry @sarasabry

1 million followers



It's undeniable that Sara Sabry has style, but her fun personality will be the one that captures your attention as your scroll through her IG feed. In between her fashionable OOTDs, are some funny short videos that'll make her one million followers laugh. Often spotted in the latest trends, she always adds her own touch into the looks, be it a cap over her hijab, or a bum bag over a dress.


Saufeeya Bint Goodson @saufeeya




A Dubai-based fashion blogger showcases the versatility of her style on her feed, from rocking a street-cool neon hoodie look to a feminine colour-block ensemble, with a pair of Prada flame heels on her feet. She plays it up with her hijab too. Depending on her outfit, you'll find her in chic turbans in an array of colours and prints that no doubt complements her look—she's definitely an inspiration for Hijabis out there.


Ascia Al Faraj @ascia

2.6 million followers



With over 2.6 million followers on Instagram, Kuwaiti influencer, model and fashion designer, Ascia Al Faraj (also known as Ascia AKF) has the largest following on our list. Although she's one of the most sought after stylistas in the modest fashion realm, in a video posted on her Youtube channel last year, she clarified that in a bid to not be boxed in a particular category, while she considers herself in the modest fashion space, she doesn't consider herself to be a hijabi. That being said, her ability to rock versatile styles is admirable. From a demure lavender dress to a head-turning metallic hoodie and polka-dot skirt combo, Ascia nails them with her effortless 'tude.

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