Take a look at the supporting cast that made Marc Jacobs FW17 a hit

Amazing accoutrements


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Take a look at the supporting cast that made Marc Jacobs FW17 a hit

Last February, a barren runway and a soundtrack of silence drew undivided attention back to the looks that stomped through Park Avenue Armoury.


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In striking contrast to the show set, the clothes were rich and the accessories, resounding. Much has been said of the attire produced in homage to the theme of ‘Hip-Hop Evolution’, so here’s a breakdown of the best of Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2017 with focus on the stellar supporting cast:


The Totes

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Totes are big this season. A sleek exterior cloaks a satisfyingly roomy internal compartment in the Grind, a shopper bag designed to follow you on—you guessed it—your daily grind. The Bold Grind echoes the same functionality with an added feature, a front pocket with detachable pouch for quick, on-the-go access.


The Shoulder Bags

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Meet the new member of the “Shot” family; the Big Shot. Big in personality but also commodious in character, this bag stands out with its contrasting top handles while providing ample storage space. Meanwhile, the Editor evokes a more astute persona. Considered and classy, this shoulder accompaniment was carefully edited to combine the best aspects of a day-to-day bag with succinct elegance that would not be misplaced, even at a formal do.


The Crossbody Bags

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Living up to its namesake, the Hot Shot catapulted to the top of everybody’s radar from the dawn of its debut. Glamour lies at its core. While the large double “J” makes a statement, the gold chain strap makes the bag daywear and evening wear appropriate. The Snapshot needs no introduction; already emblematic of the brand, this crowd-favourite is always ready for a close-up. Make way for another fan of the lens: the Shutter. The crossbody with tone-on-tone insignia and slim leather strap is more pared back but no less photogenic. 


If anything has caught your eye, shop the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2017 collection in stores now.


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