From bin bags to Balenciaga, home couture is Instagram’s latest DIY fashion trend


By Kelly Lim

From bin bags to Balenciaga, home couture is Instagram’s latest DIY fashion trend

Couture season may be cancelled but fashionistas on social media have found a new way to relive iconic catwalk creations from the comfort of their own homes. Turning duvets and dustbags into designer, #HomeCouture is the latest makeshift fashion trend introducing a new form of couture during the pandemic.

Leading the vanguard from the runway to the bedroom is London-based fashion journalist George Serventi, who uploaded a picture of his sculptural Commes des Garcon gown—fashioned entirely out of white bin bags—before prompting the online fashion community to recreate their own DIY runway looks.

The only rule? Use whatever you can find lying around at home.

“Think scouring pad ball gowns, toilet roll palazzo pants and saucepan facinators,” he wrote. “Because in the words of Fifth Harmony we CAN work from HOME!!”

And so after a deep-dive into fashion’s most iconic and bizarre couture collections, the online community created a serious archive of playful, impressive and some downright silly hand-made homages in celebration of the creativity and fantasy in fashion—plus a bonus lesson in recycling. Fabricated from old newspapers, tinfoil and quilting, standout DIY looks include recreations from the collections of:

Moncler Genius by Pierpaolo

John Galliano for Dior 


Alexander McQueen

@skipdin / Ophelia Serventi 




In a similar spirit, French designer Jacquemus also used his social prowess to create the hashtag #JacquemusAtHome. After posting an image of a child standing over an orange and a lemon on his tippy toes in allusion to his iconic mismatched heels, online users starting sharing their at-home recreations of the brand’s designs, using every from cracked eggs to matryoshka dolls and bullfighter bottles.

While DIY culture in fashion is nothing new, there’s something about turning to creativity during turbulent times to help us stay afloat and hopeful. And as the numbers of coronavirus cases continue to grow worldwide in the present, so does the opportunity for at-home creative and crafty solutions to keep us entertained, inspired and connected during turbulent times.

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