6 Fun and quirky DIY fashion ideas to try at home


By Stephanie Boey

6 Fun and quirky DIY fashion ideas to try at home

To quote Tyga and Curtis Roach’s catchy song, that’s even made it to the likes of a viral TikTok wave, the latest extension of the conditional MCO has some of us “bored in the house and in the house bored“.

For some, this quarantine period has proven to be productive, by doing a complete closet inventory, including a thorough decluttering process, and finding places that receive unwanted fabrics. But what do you do when you spring cleaned every inch and corner of the house? The answer: Pick up a new hobby!

The best way to curb the boredom is to channel all the energy into learning a new skill. When it comes to fashion, there is a multitude of choices to choose from! But if the conventional hobbies such as sewing, jewellery making and knitting are already under your belt, below are five new ideas that will get those creative juices flowing again.

1) Faulty phone cables

Bad news: Electric cables fall under the e-waste category. Meaning, they should not be thrown into the trash, as they are non-degradable and leach toxic components like mercury, lead and cadmium.

Good news: They can be recycled, but you can also upcycle them! Instagram artist @kastrokomani fashioned a regular block heel court shoe by decorating its outer with multiple charging cables and headphone cords. Using the USB end as the strap fastener was genius!

2) Used aluminium tin can tabs

Has the lockdown left you at home with crates of aluminium cans? Before you send them off to be recycled, you may want to save the tabs for a future DIY fashion project. Depending on how thick you want your chain to be, you can stack three or five tabs on top of each other. To secure, use hardware glue to keep them in place.

To build the next link, using a sharp pair of scissors, carefully cut a slit on the soft, thinner end of the tab. Gently pry open to create a small gap and push the hook through the thicker end of the existing stack, and bend the open tab back to reclose the gap. Repeat the process until the chain meets your desired length.

3) Oven mitts

If you happen to have a bunch of extra oven mitts and pot holders lying around in the house, here’s a fun way to utilise them all at once! When stitched together, the insulating, thick cushioned fabric and soft material form the perfect patchwork coat. Depending on the colour and designs that you’re working with, the possibilities of the end result are literally endless.

4) Ear pods

To some, owning a pair of Apple AirPods is already a hard flex. But if you’re looking to up the ante, here’s a way to raise the stakes. However, we don’t recommend drilling a hole in your new, expensive earphones. Instead, why not experiment using an old, worn pair? Perhaps, the ones that you may already be thinking of for the cable shoe in Example 1?

5) Old beanies

So, you had a skater phase and the remnants of that include a wide array of beanies you have no use for now? Stitch them together into a pair of kooky patchwork shorts! When placed strategically, the open of end of the beanie magically transforms into the perfect deep pocket.

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