Have you been spring cleaning? Here's where to donate your old clothes

Have you been spring cleaning? Here's where to donate your old clothes

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Text: Pravin Nair Stephanie Boey

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Got a whole pile of clothes you're looking to give away? We have a solution

Marie Kondo once famously said, “Does this spark joy? If it does, keep it. If not, dispose of it”. Starting off your cleaning and tidying journey can be a great way to form a structure around how you purchase your clothes for the future and how to shop sustainably. It can also be an opportunity to upcycle old items and give them new life.

For those who are looking to “get rid” of items that “no longer spark joy” or “serve you”, we’ve got the perfect solution for your problems. See, disposing of your old items into the trash leads them to being dumped at landfills and other unlikely places around the globe. Rather, you can donate your old clothes to places that do need them.

Lately, we are seeing more and more spaces and businesses dedicated to re-homing your once-beloved items. And, with thrifting culture on the rise, you’re bound to see your clothes find a better home. As a result, we’ve listed some places where you can drop off your pre-loved items.

Hello Looop

Founded by three individuals with a shared mindset, the love for their community and the impending sense of doom caused by climate change, owners Bay Doucet, Emma Khoo and Adani Bakhtiar joined forces to create a 'L00op' to reduce the rampant throwaway culture that exists in Malaysia. The ethos of the business is centred around cultivating sustainability and giving back to the community, the preservation of the environment and the joy of discovery in seeking out pieces that are sold at their store. 

Functioning on a consignment basis, anyone can head on over to their store and drop off clothes, shoes and accessories to be re-homed. Once a sale occurs, you take a percentage of it! In the case that items do not sell, you have the option of picking it back up or having it donated or upcycled, keeping the loop of longevity alive. If you're feeling charitable, you can drop your clothes off and head out the door knowing that they'll find a safe new home.  

Visit the store at 20-A, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000, KL or check them out on Instagram here

Community Recycle for Charity

Community Recycle for Charity, or CRC, is a non-profit, government-approved organisation that was founded in 2018 with there aim to serve underprivileged communities and anyone in need. CRC functions in a number of ways, namely, items donated will be segregated into different categories and donated to homes and charities that require them. Recyclable materials such as glass, paper and plastics will be sold to recycling centres where the funds from these sales will be distributed to individuals and charities in need. With over 400 bins located nationwide, you can drop off your goods anywhere, anytime. 

Find your nearest CRC bin here and check them out on Instagram here.


Operating as a social enterprise, Kedai Bless began established in 1999 when a group of individuals united to sell their belongings to assist underprivileged individuals and communities. The organisation garnered attention over time and officially took off in 2005 when it opened a physical space in Bandar Tasik Selatan after functioning in flea markets over the years. 

Eventually, Bless established itself across multiple locations in Kuala Lumpur, where one of the most notable stores is situated in Mid Valley. The money garnered from sales at all of its stores is then redistributed towards financially supporting drug rehabilitation, women's aid programs, refugees and the volunteers that assist in educating underprivileged refugees. 

You can check out Bless outlets here or their Instagram page here.

Bargain Basement

An establishment managed by IOI foundation's Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng, Bargain Basement was founded by Datin Joanne Wong after first getting the idea when her house was cluttered with items that no longer served any purpose. She then decided on reselling the items and donating the proceeds to charities. 
Since its inception, Bargain Basement has donated a whopping RMRM526,000 to various charities and homes. 

If you are interested in donating items, you can do so here or check out their Instagram profile here.

Salvation Army

Operating since 1982, the Salvation Army has since adapted its mode of function to offer practical assistance to people in need. The organisation accepts donations via internet banking, online and the donations of items, clothes and anything else you can think of. 

You can reach out to the Salvation Army here and check them out on Instagram here


Kloth Cares accepts all textiles and fabrics with the aim to reduce clothes in our landfills. Collected items are processed and transformed into industrial cleaning cloths or fuel for for cement kiln. Here's a list of items that you can donate.

i) Garments
ii) Clothing accessories (eg. scarves, belts, hats, etc)
iii) Footwear
iv) Bags
v) Toys
vi) Textiles (eg. curtains, tablecloth, bedsheets, etc)

Got things piled up and ready to be donated? Here are Kloth Cares bin locations in the Klang Valley

Kuala Lumpur

i) Shell Jalan Gelenggang Bukit Damansara 
ii) Shell TTDI
iii) Shell Bukit Jalil
iv) Shell Jalan Cheras
iv) Shell Sentral Wangsa Maju
v) Shell Kuchai Entrepreneur Park
vi) Shell Kepong station


i) Shell Damansara Jaya
ii) Shell Section 17
iii) Shell Kota Damansara
iv) Shell Persiaran Bandar Utama
v) Shell Kayu Ara
vi) Shell Persiaran Kayangan
vii) Shell Persiaran Putra Indah 8
viii) Shell Jalan Selangor
ix) Shell Section 18

For more information and drop-off points outside the Klang Valley, click here.

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