Discovering the Louis Vuitton Women’s SS18 collection in Tokyo


By Cai Mei Khoo

Discovering the Louis Vuitton Women’s SS18 collection in Tokyo

The Louis Vuitton show during Paris Fashion Week last October saw the fashion set headed to the Louvre Museum again, although this time, the show was set in the museum’s medieval moat, the ruins of a centuries-old fortress. It was within this spectacular setting that Nicolas Ghesquière chose to show Louis Vuitton’s Spring/ Summer 2018 collection.


In a dialogue between past, present and future, Ghesquiere looked to 18th century aristocratic garments and melded them with his signature sportswear aesthetic, making them 21st century appropriate. It was anachronism at its best—stunning metallic brocade frock coats and vests were worn with silky boxer shorts, or vinyl pants, sculptural knee-length dresses were exaggerated at the hips; for evening, the choice of wispy embellished dresses or floor-length floral gowns with leather ruffles worn off the shoulder. Majority of the looks were worn with the new Archlight sneakers, a shoe that’s bound to be next sneaker du jour, and already on both Jane and Ashley’s wish list.


Fast forward to December last year, we flew to Tokyo for a closer look at the collection, with Friends of Buro, Jane and Ashley in tow. Watch our video below to see what else the girls loved from Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection:


Below, the 10 bags on our wishlist from Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2018:

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See all the looks from Louis Vuitton Women’s Spring/Summer 2018 here:

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