Discover Paul Smith’s rustic little space at Dover Street Market

Back to its roots


By Su Fen Tan

Discover Paul Smith’s rustic little space at Dover Street Market

Amongst the 31,000 square feet of floor space at Dover Street Market’s new home in London’s Haymarket, lies a tiny and wonderfully quaint space at the basement—this is where you’ll fine Paul Smith’s recreation of its first ever store. Measuring just 3 x 3 metres, it is the exact dimension of the designer’s first shop, which he opened in Nottingham back in 1970.


“What I love about Dover Street is its fantastic oddness. It’s got this very diverse selection of clothes and objects in this vey eclectic environment. You never, ever know quite what you’re going to find in there.” 
– Paul Smith


Filled with an ever-changing selection of novelty objects and oddities, everything inside Paul Smith’s cube is available for sale, from the famed Keith Haring print to the vintage trunks that house some of the objects. The designer lends a personal touch to the space, filling it with a mixture of rare items he collects on his travels.


If you are ever in London, slip this in your to-visit list. In the meantime, take a look at the space in pictures right here:

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