Fashion advice from fathers explained in GIFs


By Stephanie Boey

Fashion advice from fathers explained in GIFs

Dads, we love ’em! The first and probably the most influential male figure in our lives. Our mothers may be the ones who pop into our heads when it comes to fashion advice, but fathers do have a form of style wisdom as well. Before proceeding, you may want to take a look at some of Instagram’s most stylish daddies. They’re solid proof that fathers have what it takes to be legitimate style icons!

Looking to shop for your dad this Father’s Day? Here’s our edit on the best picks to style him up in. No matter what his personal taste is, we have something for every kind of dad in our list. If you’re one of the lucky few to be born with a father with a unique fashion sense, chances are he’s shaped your style as well. Below are a few examples of how our dads have influenced our fashion choices, best explained in a way we all understand—GIFs.

When your dad has choice words about your Calvin Klein dress.

But you know he means this with kindness. He was after all the one who taught you about vogue-ing.

The a-ha moment when you tell him what your passion is in life.

Your dad’s idea of fashion? Matching the lining of his jacket to his favourite shirt.

You may have got it from your mama, but you also inherited some serious swag from pops.

Those fierce poses? Yup, also from dad. 

Ngl, you secretly love it when your dad critiques your siblings’ fashion choices

And then turns around to compliment your new trousers. You: 1 Sibling: 0

Tfw your dad gives in and agrees to get a matching pair with you (and instantly regrets it)

But the truth is, the best piece of fashion advice you can get from your old man is…

At the end of the day, you’re still daddy’s little angel. And he’ll support your fashion choices no matter what.

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