15 Stylish daddies to follow on Instagram

15 Stylish daddies to follow on Instagram

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Text: Stephanie Boey Pravin Nair

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Image: Mark Ruffalo
Image: Idris Elba

When they're not juggling daddy duties, they're showing off their personal, fun and sexy side with smashing OOTDs

Fathers, dads, daddies, zaddies, whatever you choose to call 'em, there's no denying that the family man holds a strong influence in his household. Parenting style varies from one father to another, but we're here to talk about another type of style—fashion!

Father figures not only provide a leading example when it comes to choice behaviour, but are style icons, too. Below, we count down the most fashion forward fathers on Instagram, who have been slaying the game with their zaddy OOTDs. How many of them do you already follow?

Chris Hemsworth

If he's not playing the God of Thunder, a Men in Black, an assistant where ghosts are busted, one of the many Chris' in Hollywood to strut up and down the red carpet, or a total daredevil in real life, Chris Hemsworth is busy being Dad of the Year at home. 

Mark Ruffalo

13 going on 30 will always hold a dear place in our hearts and Ruffalo will forever be a cute heartthrob. Along with being stylish and always at the ready for a candid photo-op, he also fights for social justice rights in his down time while juggling the duties of being a father to his three kids. 

Hugh Jackman

Is saying "rawr" inappropriate when thinking of Hugh Jackman? The retired Wolverine star now puts his time into projects where he's more... covered up. But we don't only like him for his big, bulgy muscles! He's got a great voice too, while being a loving dad to his two kids, Oscar and Ava, and his dogs, who he takes out for walks in suave and stylish suits. 

Jason Momoa

Aquaman? Duncan? Khal Drogo?.... Jason Momoa is a superhero and bohemian style king that has appeared on everyone's radar for his impressive acting credits and dreamy and seductive looks on and off the red carpet. Being a stepdad to Zoe Kravitz and a father to two kids of his own, we will be tuning in to more of his movies, red carpet appearances and social media platforms to see his excellent dad bod... and skills as an actor! 

Orlando Bloom

Father of two, Bloom is best known for his fantasy roles in The Lord of The Rings and in the Pirates of The Caribbean. Looking as fly as ever on red carpets, his more natural style is a staple white tee (or none at all) while he lounges under the sun in perfect bliss. 

David Beckham

The phrase 'Bend it like Beckham' can also be used in a fashion context. Mr. Beckham bounces from athleisure to smart casual as seamlessly as he is on the football field, and when he needs to suit up, boy, does he know how!

John Legend

Not only is this man a stylish father of two, but John Legend is an EGOT—a person who has been awarded an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony award! He is one of the fifteen people in the world to share this prestigious recognition. Like his smooth voice and sound, his style is very suave, and is usually seen in tailored suits and polished ensembles.

Pharrell Williams

Though Williams is 49 years old this year, this father of one has been remarkably pristine and young-looking for the last decade. A fashionista himself, the singer/producer has collaborated with Adidas , Louis Vuitton and Chanel, creating some of the most interesting and eye-catching designs over the past years. 

Lenny Kravitz 

Another master of the '70s and bohemian style when it comes to dressing up is music legend and all-around star Lenny Kravitz. Dreamy and alluringly dangerous, Kravitz is also a great parent and mentor to his daughter Zoe, while also being a writer and living off the land he occupies. 

Lebron James 

Basketball players are no strangers to rocking the street-style aesthetic and Lebron James comes right up top! Rocking bold colours, a Van Cleef and Arpels bracelet and a graphic button-down shirt, James has created a style that is uniquely his own—all while being a dad to three kids! 

Idris Elba

We wish he was the next James Bond because our hearts are pounding away each time we look at Idris Elba. Cool, suave, rugged at the edges and very, very sexy, Elba loves a good tailored look each time he steps out and about! 

Matt Bomer

Having slowly morphed himself into a silver fox over the years, Bomer has been thirsted over by any and every girl and boy who's had a television. People have wanted to be with him or be him—and that's stating a lot! Now, the actor spends his days quietly with his husband and kids, still looking dreamy and charming while always dressing up like he stepped out of an old Hollywood film. 

Neil Patrick Harris 

Having embedded himself as the boyfriend to want and to have in his role as Barney in How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris is now the desirable DILF that we can look at from afar (he's married with kids so we're looking respectfully). But besides being a great actor and an even better dad, NPH is always effortlessly suave and cool in front or behind a camera. 

Lucky Blue Smith

Model and now a dad of three, Lucky Blue Smith needs no explanation when it comes to looking cool and stylish all the time. Having a career in modelling as his nine-to-five, Smith loves photographing, sunsets by the sea and spending time with his kids. 

Scott Disick

The last dad on the list is none other than Scott Disick. Perpetually in a cloud of style, Disick has since passed along his taste and wisdom in fashion down to his three children.

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