#ClosetGoals: These beautiful wardrobes will inspire you to organise yours


By Stephanie Boey

#ClosetGoals: These beautiful wardrobes will inspire you to organise yours

All this time spent under one roof and being in our rooms has really got us on the spring cleaning train. We’re not complaining! The practice helps declutter space and keeps your current inventory fresh in your memory. The popular Marie Kondo method tells us to only keep the items that spark joy, but seek out alternatives, and add them to the tricks you already know.

There are thousands upon thousands of photos on the #closetgoals hashtag on Instagram…which is great for wardrobe inspo! Ngl, I’ve been stalking it, ogling over beautiful closets while hunting for the best ways to organise.

Here are 11 key takeaways:

1) Get matching hangers

The easiest way to immediately add a sense of order to a manic closet is by simply swapping out your hangers. Find the best style that will suit your needs—wooden and acrylic hangers look good but they take up space.

2) Break down clothing type into compartments

Consolidate similar apparel and have them placed in specific area of your wardrobe. For example, tops and bottoms go on separate shelves. But if you have an average Malaysian’s closet of about two-feet wide, you can apply the same the concept by sectioning.

3) Think of space as currency

Because when you think about it, the more space you have, the more clothes you can fit into it. The idea here is to effectively use the fixed amount of space you’re working with. Try stuffing cotton totes into sturdy, structured bags or layer beanies and hats on top of another. However, hidden drawers and compartments add a playful take.

4) Return to the fold

One easy way to save up on space is to fold lightweight items instead of hanging them. Casual clothing such as T-shirts, tank tops and shorts can be folded and tucked away to maximise hanging space.

5) Colour-ordinating is fashionable in the closet, too

Another way to arrange your closet is by grouping all similar-coloured clothing together. If you separate your clothes by type, this can be the existing rule on top of it. As in, all yellow skirts are paired to together, or all purple dresses to be grouped, etc.

6) Further arrange clothing by a specific order

Here’s a rule I abide by: I arrange my clothes on an ascending order of how much material was used to make the garment. Basically… all  sleeveless tops on the far left, followed by capped sleeves, to mid-length sleeves and finally, long-sleeves.

7) Put your shoes on full display

It’s the easiest and fastest way to see all your options in one-go. One way to organise them is by heel height as well as category. If space does not permit for a ceiling-high shelf, transparent shoe boxes work just as well.

8) Spread those shades

It’s the same principle as the one with shoes—the easier you can see your entire collection, the better. Align your specs together by colour and place them in a drawer for quick, easy access.

9) Keep your precious jewellery safe

When it comes to high jewellery and watches, a hidden metal safe is the best bet. As for costume jewellery, you can ease up a little. The basic rule of thumb is to store in a cool, dry place and preferably away from sunlight. Keep your favourites in containers with separators for easy storage.

10) Blow the budget

A true fashion fan knows that each piece is unique and tells a story. Eventually as the years go by, you’ll have plenty of stories to tell, and will need space for all of them. If a walk-in closet has always been on your list, go all out. Chances are this closet will be with you for the long haul.

11) But style and personality is major key

Having a walk-in closet is definitely #goals. But the following pictures prove you don’t need to break the bank to have the closet of your dreams. Decorate your wardrobe and make it your own by adding extra decor that speaks to your style.

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