BURO Style dare: The fashion team get constellation piercings


By Stephanie Boey

BURO Style dare: The fashion team get constellation piercings

Are you afraid of needles? If so, proceed with caution. BURO Malaysia’s fashion team get poked multiple times for this video! But all in the name of fashion, we say! Constellation piercings is a trend we’ve been eyeing for quite some time, and to brave this prickly style dare, we approached Ronny Needles of Spec Body Art to do the honours.

A well-known piercer in the Klang Valley, Ronny has been customising piercings as early as 2003, and when asked how many he has done in his career, he proudly announces that he’s done so many, he’s lost count. “It’s in the thousands!”, he says. Safe to say we were in safe hands then! His first piercing studio, Spec Body Art was located in Sungei Wang Plaza, but have since branched out to a Subang Jaya location in SS15, which is where the fashion team received their very first needle piercings.

We, the fashion team are no strangers to piercings, both having multiples on each ear. However, our previous experience was through the most common method: a piercing gun. To say we weren’t nervous about having a long needle puncture our skin would be a lie (cue traumatic DIY piercing scene in The Parent Trap), but based on our pain ratings in the video above, you’ll be pleased to know it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be.

Joan with her new conch and rook piercings.
Stephanie with a conch, rook and tragus piercing.

If you’re itching for a piercing but unsure which would best suit the topography of your ear, Ronny will be able to help with that, too. He recommended a conch and rook piercing for Joan and I, as they suit most ear shapes. Having been in the business for seventeen years, Ronny is a strong advocate for needle piercings. He says, “with gun piercings, you cannot sterilise the equipment; which causes cross contamination and risk of transmitting diseases”. Needle piercings do away with that as the equipment is sterilised before every use, using an autoclave (an industrial machine that uses heat and pressure to ensure decontamination).

When it comes to more sophisticated jewellery, there are two popular kinds that you can find in the market: internally and externally threaded. Ronny recommends internally threaded jewellery for all kinds of piercings, as the sharp threading (or grooves) are on the ball bearing, rather than the stem which goes through your skin. If you’re looking for pretty jewellery, Wanderlust + Co offer a handful of internally threaded options.

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Getting the piercing is half the battle. And regardless of your pain tolerance, it will last only a second. The real work comes in the after-care. It’s a true commitment, one that will last about six to eight months according to Ronny. Here’s what you need to know:

How to take care of your piercings

i) Wash twice a day with saline water (you can get these at your local pharmacy)

ii) To reduce swelling, apply a cool compress when needed

iii) For the rest of the day, keep your piercings clean and dry

What not to do

i) Avoid applying any kind of pressure (this may mean switching up your sleeping position!)

ii) Never wash with alcohol—it will only irritate it

iii) Do not touch your piercing with unwashed hands

iv) And avoid touching your piercing altogether

v) No to swimming pools, jacuzzi dips and bubble baths for two months

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