The best jewellery brands for your curated ear piercings—at every price point

The best jewellery brands for your curated ear piercings—at every price point

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Text: Joan Kong

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So you’ve got your constellation piercings—now it’s time to bling it up

Call it a curated ear, constellation piercings, or earscaping, there’s no denying that it’s the trend du jour, and we’re all for it. Essentially multiple piercings with different jewellery designs, a scroll through Instagram and you’ll notice that the combination is almost endless—they’re truly works of art. Whether you’d like to go minimal with a cluster of tiny stud earrings adorning your conch, helix, and faith piercings, or go bold with thick hoops cascading down your lobes, it’s all about unleashing your individuality.

If you’ve already joined the movement (or planning to hop on the bandwagon), the next step, is to shop for baubles to start curating your ear party. Not sure where to start? Our guide below will lead you to all the brands you need to know.

The best jewellery brands for your curated ear piercings—at every price point (фото 1)

Below, 10 local and international jewellery brands to check out:



With over 781k followers on Instagram, Mejuri is undoubtedly one of the leading jewellery brands internationally, and it’s not hard to understand why—its ultra-chic pieces are the perfect jewellery for day-to-night wear.

Plus point: On top of its usual earring selections, they offer them in single pieces too.


Maria Tash

When it comes to curated ears, New York-based brand Maria Tash needs no introduction. The fine jewellery and luxury piercing studio has a long list of A-list clientele including Rihanna, Blake Lively, and Beyoncé; and has outlets in USA, London, Rome, Dublin, and most recently, Dubai.

Plus point: The brand has a detailed list of jewellery for each piercing, from forward helix to daith to tash rook and more.


Maria Black

Like Maria Tash, Copenhagen-based Maria Black also provides piercing services to its customers. But what sets them apart, is the latter’s statement offerings which include crawlers and other intricate twirl designs.

Plus point: Aside from its list of fine jewellery selections for curated ears, it also offers fashion jewellery—including earrings, hoops, and ear cuffs—at a more affordable price point.


Apres Jewelry

Started out as an alternative bridal jewellery line, the sister brand of Luv AJ has since expanded to include more offerings on its site, including earrings and necklaces in an assortment of designs.

Plus point: It has a wide range of hoops and huggies selections which you can mix and match to your heart’s content.




The brand may be known for its chain necklaces, but its earrings are not to be missed too. Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Caroline Daur are some of the It-girls who were recently spotted in its designs.

Plus point: From colourful gemstones to edgy spike hoops to constellation studs, Missoma has them all.



The British demi-fine jewellery brand is all about designs that are made for layering. You can personalise your stack with baubles from its alphabets, birthstones, and zodiac collections.

Plus point: Otiumberg uses recycled gold and ethically sourced stones in its designs.



Pronounced as May-Jun, this Malaysian demi-fine label focuses on contemporary pieces that are minimal yet stylish.

Plus point: Most of their jewellery are handmade by local artisans, and the materials used are all ethically sourced.



Astrid and Miyu

Astrid and Miyu is best known for its signature ear stacks, but scroll through its Instagram account and you’ll notice that its other offerings are equally well-loved too.

Plus point: On top of the usual designs, the brand also has cartilage hoops and barbell earrings in the mix.


Wanderlust + Co

Founded by #BuroBossGirl Jenn Low, the Malaysia-based jewellery brand is one of the most loved labels locally and internationally. Its Curated Ear series that features flat-back studs for fresh piercings, minimal stud earrings, ear cuffs, celestial hoops and more.

Plus point: The brand also offers demi-fine jewellery that’s made with 925 sterling silver bases, 2.5 microns thick 14k gold vermeil, and studded with semi-precious gemstones.


Daisy London

Known for its healing stone, chakra, and daisy jewellery, the British brand is made for ladies who love all things boho.

Plus point: You can also find single earrings that’ll let you curate your ear in style.


Seol + Gold

If loud and bold jewellery are your thing, then Seol + Gold is the brand you should check out. Its cuff earring selections are great for those who’d like to amp up their ear party.

Plus point: Aside from a wide range of earrings, you can also find other jewellery for cartilage, nose, or navel on its site.