5 Important life lessons to learn from fashion’s best Autumn/Winter 2019 campaigns


By Stephanie Boey

5 Important life lessons to learn from fashion’s best Autumn/Winter 2019 campaigns


Showing up in the same outfit as someone else need not end in drama. Leave that stuff to the soap operas! Be a good sport and laugh it off instead, it’d make one heck of a fun Instagram post.



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Society will pressure you to conform. Resist! Don’t be afraid to stand out in a sea of muted hues of greys and beige. You do you—originality and individuality is irrefutably irreplaceable.



A wise woman once said, “Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation”. Aside from smashing the patriarchy and its negative manifestations on women and men alike, we should also strive to practice inclusivity and acceptance in every form. Equality for all!

Calvin Klein Underwear

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Want a beach-ready body? Look in the mirror, cause you already have it. The first step to loving and accepting others is to practice what you preach. By all means, keep working towards self-improvement but remember to be kind to yourself (and others). All bodies are beautiful, periodt!



Fashion has always been evolving and ever-changing. But as we approach 2020, the definition of luxury is moving at a more rapid pace. The continuing rise of “anti-fashion” fashion trends supports the theory; and in the impending dawn of a truly digital decade where even our most menial daily happenings warrant a broadcast on our socials…is privacy the new luxury?

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