Trending now: “Grandma” sunglasses chains


By Stephanie Boey

Trending now: “Grandma” sunglasses chains

The fascination with “anti-fashion” trends continues yet again with the oncoming wave of the sunglasses chain craze that’s been flooding Instagram feeds. If it seems vaguely familiar, it’s probably because you’ve caught sight of it, but not in the same light. Prior to this sudden resurgence, the accessory was most commonly associated with pure function. The early adopters being senior citizens and travelling tourists, lest they misplace their eyewear.

We first took notice of the trend in January when Fendi made a strong case for “grandma glasses” for Men’s Autumn/Winter 2019 with oversized frames attached to gold chains with embellishments. In May, Gigi Hadid donned the trend with golden beads attached to ‘90s-inspired oval frames.

The new generation of sunglasses chains sees more fashionable options than the chains you were accustomed to seeing, elevating your eyewear game to the next level. Think metal chains, acrylic beads, and fringe! The best part about the trend? The chains are detachable so you can easily interchange them with your existing pairs for a fun round of mix-and-match!

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