Style ID: 7 Fabulous looks from ‘Barbie’ the movie and where to shop them

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By Benedict Unang

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Style ID: 7 Fabulous looks from ‘Barbie’ the movie and where to shop them

It has been a week since Barbie premiered in cinemas and it has already crushed box office records! This comes as no surprise given the extensive marketing push and worldwide tour by the main cast that builds anticipation for the release of the film. We won’t give you any spoilers, but prepare for an exciting voyage where Barbie discovers herself, and be sure to bring tissues!

Of course, what would Barbie and her friends be without their gorgeous outfits? If you are looking to recreate their style, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to see seven of our favourite outfits from the movie and where to shop similar pieces. 


Original Barbie

What better way to kick off the film than with a nod to 2001: A Space Odyssey? Set in a desert landscape, Margot Robbie, who played Barbie, shows up in a striped one-piece swimsuit similar to the No. 1 Ponytail Barbie—the original Barbie doll from 1959. To round off the classic look, the gigantic Barbie sports white cat-eye sunglasses, gold hoop earrings, and stands on black peep-toe stilettos. 


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Real world Barbie

As we all know, Barbie is often associated with pink, but the gingham pattern lends a welcome twist to the ensemble. In Barbie Land, she wears a sweet gingham dress that pairs well with her floral accessories, such as drop earrings and a long necklace. Slip on some pink pumps and she’s ready to rule the world! 


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Nautical Barbie

When the plot thickens, Barbie heads to the beach to meet her girlfriends in a sleeveless nautical top and high-waist shorts—perfect for the setting. It’s also lovely to see her dressed up in various shades (aside from pink). 


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Brave Barbie

Leave it to Barbie to tackle any issues in style! On her way to the real world, she puts on a mini dress and beret before belting out Closer to Fine in her pink Chevrolet Corvette.


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Cowboy Barbie

If you want to catch the attention of the public, take a cue from Barbie—wear a cowgirl outfit. Along with her cowboy hat and boots, the matching waistcoat and trousers in hot pink are spot-on for the season. Believe us when we say, this will be the Halloween costume of the year!


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Denim Ken

Mixing denim on denim might seem like a fashion faux pas for some, but Ken certainly knows how to pull it off. The combo of sleeveless denim jacket and slim-cut jeans give off an edgy vibe, while the way his boxers peek out from his jeans add a cheeky touch to the entire outfit. 


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Just Allan

Allan is neither a Barbie nor a Ken, and yet he knows how to stand out. When he hits the beach, he sports a striped button-up shirt with blue shorts and matching sandals. 


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