Top 5 accessories at London Collections Men

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By Su Fen Tan

Top 5 accessories at London Collections Men

Burberry satchel

Christopher Bailey’s Fall 2016 collection was elegantly sport-inspired, and complementing the ensembles were a number of their classic crossbody bags, alongside a fresher silhouette—a tall and narrow satchel with a short handle. Nonchalantly sleek yet casual, it shows that statement-making bags comes in small sizes too.


E. Tautz dual-toned dress shoes

Another season, another E. Tautz and Christian Louboutin collaboration—not that we are complaining. This time around, Louboutin reworked its Havana suede lace-ups for the E. Tautz show. Complete with a thick wooden sole, the dual-toned dress shoes are undoubtedly suave and will work well into any gentleman’s wardrobe with ease.


Christopher Raeburn chunky knits scarves

With an array of bomber jackets, oversized cardigans and anoraks coming down the runway, Christopher Raeburn’s creations had a distinct utilitarian edge to them that is no stranger this season. Yet the chunky, comfy knit scarves that draped over a few looks gave them a touch of cosy sensibility without taking away any of the masculinity that resolutely ran through the collection.


Coach T-Rex tote

On the back of Coach’s Pre-Fall collection, the T-Rex motif that took the forms of a sweater print and tote bag charm has followed into this collection. The T-Rex print even makes its way onto a tote, giving you multiple options to amp up on the fun factor when it comes to accessorising.


James Long shoes

The shoes at James Long were unapologetically bold and daring, courtesy of Christian Louboutin. Leather riding boots and low-top sneakers donned loud colours and multi-hued stripes, and in some cases, glitter. It doesn’t get any quirkier than that.  


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