Let these chic hands-free bags change your mind about the fanny pack trend


By Stephanie Boey

Let these chic hands-free bags change your mind about the fanny pack trend

Fashion has a funny way of evolving. If somebody told us five years ago that fanny packs were going to make a huge comeback, we wouldn’t believe you. But that’s the beauty of fashion and its ever-changing trends, it’s a cycle and its subjectivity is always up to interpretation. Known in pop culture as the quintessential tourist companion, we definitely see its perks. Hands-free luggage with easy access? Yes, please!

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Still uncertain about the new bag trend? Take a look at Longchamp’s selection of belt bags for the season. For Spring/Summer 2019, the much-talked about accessory is available in two key silhouettes: rectangle and round. But if you’re looking for a complete departure from its polarising ancestor, we recommend the more stylish circle. It bears little to no resemblance to the funny fanny pack and is a chic update to the notorious ‘80s trend.

Take your pick among a wide range of colours and choose your finish between smooth leather, soft suede and calf hair. The embossed logo on the smooth leather is a nice subtle nod to the logomania craze but if you’re looking to up the ante, go with the leopard print with the emerald green logo to steal the show.

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