First look at Marc Quinn’s limited edition designs for Dior

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By Wei Yeen Loh

First look at Marc Quinn’s limited edition designs for Dior

In celebration of Dior’s new four-storey boutique in Bond Street, London (incidentally the largest Dior store in the United Kingdom!), Dior has collaborated with British sculptor and visual artist Marc Quinn on a limited-edition selection of iconic Lady Dior bags and small leather accessories. We first spotted Marc Quinn’s designs for Dior when it was introduced at the brand’s Cruise 2017 show in Blenheim Palace. 


Well-known for his provocative sculptural portraits composed of organic materials that explore the relationship between art and science, Quinn imbues his contemporary artistry into Dior’s most iconic bag. The result is a vivid, hyper-realist take on the Lady Dior: Floral prints drawn from his oeuvre on one side of the bag, and the same motif with colours reversed on the flip side; violet, white or black orchids blown up against a backdrop of snow or volcanic earth and a Lady Dior ‘Fossil Record’ bag with a flower relief embossed into silver leather. Quinn’s exploration of the relationship between man and nature’s untameable beauty is evident in his creations, such as the bright blue iris motif from his series We Share Our Chemistry with the Stars—with its rainbow colours representing a celebration of individuality, with the dark depths of the pupil in the middle representing the mystery and uncertainty of life. Alongside the Lady Dior bags are clutches and wallets designed by the artist to complete this limited edition collection. 


Take a look at the full collection here:

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