Interview: Actress Kim Se-Jeong on her appearance at Longchamp, The Exchange TRX

Interview: Actress Kim Se-Jeong on her appearance at Longchamp, The Exchange TRX

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By Sarah Hani Jamil

Last week marked a historic moment for Kuala Lumpur, as the city welcomed K-pop idols and Thai stars to officiate the opening of several new luxury stores at The Exchange TRX. Among them was the captivating Kim Se-Jeong—a renowned Korean singer and actress who has carved out a successful career in both music and acting—for the launch of the biggest Longchamp boutique in Malaysia. Notable for her roles in various television dramas, such as The Uncanny Counter and Business Proposal, Kim Se-Jeong’s presence transcends that of a typical celebrity. With her radiant smile, flawless facial features, and genuine charisma, the Longchamp ambassador, appointed just last year, truly illuminated the city. We had the privilege of engaging in an exclusive interview session with her.


How does it feel to return to Kuala Lumpur?

“Well, the last visit was really short, but the energy was great, the weather was lovely, and I couldn’t wait to come back again. With this opportunity, I’m happy to be back.”


This is your first event as Longchamp’s brand ambassador. What are your thoughts?

“First off, it’s a great responsibility for me. I always put in my utmost effort to spread the name of Longchamp and live as its ambassador. It’s an honour working with the brand, and I’m looking forward to more collections that will be released with Longchamp.”



It’s been a year since you became the brand’s global ambassador. How has it been?

“Again, the responsibility is very great for me. I’m always glad that Longchamp trusts and supports me throughout the whole process. I want to live out being an ambassador where I can repay them sincerely. They really appreciate what I’ve done for the past year, and I’m looking forward to representing more of their amazing collections of clothes, apparel, bags, and shoes. It motivates me to work out more diligently and take care of myself.”


What’s your most memorable moment with Longchamp?

“Every time I go to Paris, the Longchamp family really takes care of me. They take pride in their collections and their history. As a model and ambassador, it allows me to understand their brand even better. So every time I go to Paris for the collection photoshoot, I feel like I’ve built a stronger relationship with the Longchamp family as well.”


What words would you use to describe the Maison?

“Longchamp is a healthy and authentic brand. It represents energy, health, and positivity. Not only the brand and the collection itself, but the people from Longchamp are also really authentic. I’m grateful for that. There’s no hierarchy in Longchamp. The whole team is working towards the same goal, bringing the best for everyone.”



Which bag is your personal favourite and why?

“One is the Roseau bag, which is a House signature. I love its simple design, something that you can carry every day. It’s suitable for both casual and dressed-up looks. My second pick would be Le Pliage. It’s light, practical, and can carry a lot of stuff. It comes in all sizes, suitable for all ages.”


What are the top three essential items you carry around with you every day?

“I carry a diary with me all year round. It’s quite thin but serves as a calendar diary where I jot down notes on everything. The second item I carry is a pencil case. Since I enjoy writing, I bring along some stationery. Lastly, I always have a book with me. Although I don’t read extensively, I bring a book along to improve my vocabulary and read whenever I find the time.”


How would you describe your style?

“Coincidentally, my style aligns well with Longchamp. I’m the type who goes for comfort, simplicity, and something that allows me to carry my essentials with me. Therefore, I often wear long-sleeved shirts. Even for dressed-up occasions, they are very comfortable to wear, making them my go-to choice.”



As an actor and a singer, what do you love most about your work?

“In terms of both acting and singing, my goal is always to improve. So, it’s really the passion that drives me. If I were working in a different industry and found the job both difficult and fulfilling, I might consider quitting and pursuing something else. However, acting and singing continually push me to question why I do what I do. To summarise, it’s the drive to understand why I pursue acting and singing is what motivates me.


When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

“So, to be really frank, I’m a workaholic. Even when I’m resting, I’m thinking about work. When I’m not working, I will either be writing songs, studying, or acting. But if I were to exclude all of that, I would say watching TV or anime. Recently, I’ve been considering learning to cook or incorporating some exercises into my routine. However, it’s still part of my plan, which I haven’t actually done yet because I don’t have the time. So, for now, it’s just about finding the time to rest and do the things I want to do.”


What can fans look forward to in 2024?

“I’m working on improving myself to have a long career as an actress and a singer. I’m diligently preparing for my album, and regarding dramas, I’m reviewing scripts to select one that suits me well and to share more with my fans. Additionally, it will be a year where I, Kim Se-Jeong, intentionally prioritise rest. It’s a year for rest and personal growth so that I can become a more well-rounded and developed person.”


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