KLFW 2023: Highlights from Syomirizwa Gupta, Kit Woo, Behati and more

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By Benedict Unang

Featured images courtesy of KLFW
KLFW 2023: Highlights from Syomirizwa Gupta, Kit Woo, Behati and more

After taking place at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur since its inception, the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week adopted a new format this year, with seven different locations set as the venue for 50 homegrown brands to showcase their latest collections. To our delight, the week-long event turned out well, with plenty of exciting moments including Behati’s exclusive collaboration with Nike, Che Puan Juliana Evans closing Hatta Dolmat’s show with her daughter Mily, and Rizman Ruzaini announcing its participation in the upcoming Dubai Fashion Week. Read on to learn more about our favourite shows from the fashion affair. 


Hatta Dolmat

Hatta Dolmat is known for using vibrant hues and visually appealing patterns on the runway, and this time was no exception. Delivering two collections, the first one was produced in collaboration with NX Holdings and features 24 pieces that scream utilitarian from the earthy tones used to the A-line silhouettes and the boxy fits. ‘Jamais Vu,’ on the other hand, travels back to Hatta’s roots and celebrates all his achievements over the years. The latest series is dominated by bomber jackets, trench coats, and matching suits adorned with monogram motifs unique to the label. 



At Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur, Behati presented a collection that revived traditional wear anchored in modern comfort. The unconventional wedding dress covered with white blooms takes centre stage first, followed by fresh iterations of cheongsams and samfus. In addition, oversized tailoring defines the classic suits and the tanjak, with the colour palette shifting from black to silver chrome. Not to be missed is the partnership with Nike, which features the Air Force 1 adorned with draped roses made by the designer himself.  


Rizman Ruzaini

Rizman Ruzaini revealed not one, but three collections this year. The RR Cruise series takes cues from the historic city of Rome and pays homage to the city’s architecture with intricate details like the three-dimensional monogram and frills galore embellishing the shoulder and wrist. Meanwhile, the Rizman Ruzaini Cruise collection is inspired by late Edwardian elegance, with bedazzled wave-like silhouettes adorning the trench coat and two-piece. The Rizman Ruzaini Cruise Red line additionally offers a light and airy ready-to-wear suited for holiday getaways.


Kit Woo

Kit Woo’s latest collection revolves around deconstructed tailoring. Dadaism, or the Anti-Art movement, becomes the focal point of the neutral-toned collection, where garments that are often hanging are transformed into pieces that can be worn in a variety of styles. While trench coats are stacked together to form a single trench coat, the bomber jacket is twisted to the side, where the sleeves become the neck. Other offerings include roomy trousers with extra-large pockets and asymmetric suits accented with the brand’s signature ‘tali’ fastening detail.


Syomirizwa Gupta

‘Dia’ by Syomirizwa Gupta is a collection that celebrates self-expression and individuality. The lime green number, Zaffre blue half-sleeve gown, and unconstructed orange-red outfits instantly stole the spotlight the moment the model walked into the space. A closer look finds hand-drawn Semangat motifs on the coats, kaftans, and long-sleeve jumpsuits, with ‘Kin jewellery finishing each ensemble. At the same time, the Bangsar-based brand launched HariSyomir—a collaboration with Harirose offering seven unique scarves that pay homage to the Malaysian heritage.



Leave it to Fiziwoo to close the fashion week on a high note! The fashion duo released two collections, both of which were shaped by the picturesque Sahara desert. The Fiziwoo Studio collection rests on sunset tones, with flora and fauna motifs decorating the series from the poncho to the short-sleeved shirt. In contrast, the Fiziwoo collection favours a navy blue colour palette to highlight the monogram pattern as well as the silver and gold embroidery. Coupled with silver drop earrings and black knee-high leather boots, the latest drop from Fiziwoo makes a great addition to any wardrobe. 




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