5 Things to know about Prada Resort 2018

Futuristic touch


By Wei Yeen Loh

5 Things to know about Prada Resort 2018

1. The set itself was a sight to behold, held at the Osservatorio (observatory) in Fondazione Prada, a new exhibition space dedicated to photography. Conceived as “a confrontation between real and manufactured moments,” the space was a modern amalgamation of linear-arranged seats, reflective and translucent columns, and a continuous mirror along the wall—a bid to magnify the room’s proportions in subtlety. 

2. Sporty elements were rife throughout the collection, including balloon-sleeved tracksuits that opened the show, knee-high sports socks paired with every look, and knits that had an uncanny resemblance to high performance wear. 

3. But Miuccia Prada stuck to her house codes of elegance and femininity, juxtaposing ethereality with the masculine, sporty aesthetic via transparent frocks in pastel hues of mint and pink. Scallop edge hemlines peeked beneath sheer pleated skirts, its saccharine sentiment offset with black leather belts clinched on the waist.

4. Prada also jumped on the logomania bandwagon, with visual artist James Jean reinterpreting the house’s logo with a psychelic, graphic touch by way of rabbits and floral elements.

5. The littlest details made the most difference. Marabou feathered cuffs harkening back to Prada’s Spring 2017 show made an appearance, and chainmail offered a tinge of edge on hemlines and as neck adornments. 


See the full Prada Resort 2018 collection below:

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