PFW SS16: Hermès

Urban luxury


By Buro247

PFW SS16: Hermès

Hermès dresses down for spring, where casual wear takes centre stage. At first glance the collection goes right back to the basics—your wardrobe staples of black trenchcoats, little black dresses and a black pantsuit. But soon after it eases into a weave of varied combinations of texture and graphic designs that dance around the lines of sportswear and luxury materials, replete with sneakers.

The result is a mix of stiff silhouettes that come with your 1930s sportswear that almost diminishes the curves of the body. Crisp leather is paired with stiff double-faced linen and interwoven with dabs of soft cotton and silk, giving it a little more movement. In between, smooth, flowy, pleated dresses in silk contribute to a more elegant sashay down the runway.

A collection that is pretty extensive for one that comes off as basic, bursts of geometric blocks of colour and prints stand out against its plainer framework. If it’s not Hermès’ signature bold orange layered with patches of red and white, it’s black-and-white illusions and graphic Hermès scarf prints peeking out from between pleats.   

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