Dior Couture Spring 2016 Collection

Understated grandeur


By Wei Yeen Loh

Dior Couture Spring 2016 Collection

Months after creative director Raf Simons stepped down from his position and with no one to fill his shoes just yet, we could only expect a pared back beginning and end to Dior’s Couture Spring 2016 collection. But in-house designers Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux successfully brought on Simons’ modern romantic aesthetic to the table, with details that were thoughtful and remarkably intricate.

Picking up where he left off, the collection saw the usual revisitation of the Bar jacket—this time in a myriad of silhouettes; off-the-shoulder pieces that seemed as though they were tugged rather purposefully, and plenty of 3D floral embroideries that resonated with the feminine aesthetic of the atelier.

We did, however, miss the requisitory jaw-dropping gowns towards the end—those that you could imagine Jennifer Lawrence or Marion Cotillard donning during awards season. But what the collection lacked in exquisite princess moments, it made up for with the team’s determination in carrying the former creative director’s vision forward.

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