Shop the Look: How to dress like Lisa from Blackpink

Shop the Look: How to dress like Lisa from Blackpink

Lookin’ like Lalisa

Text: Natalia Chow

Editor: Adelina Tan

Image: Lisa's Instagram | @lalalalisa

Lisa of Blackpink is known for being an awesome dancer and effortlessly cool rapper, which is reflected in her grunge meets pop and hip hop aesthetic. Here's how you can dress just like her

From conquering the stage to an outing with the girls, there’s no occasion that Lisa hasn’t served a noteworthy look. Known for her cool and edgy take on grunge fashion, the Thai K-pop singer has an unquestionably distinct and striking style. There's enough material on her elaborate on-stage looks to fill a book, so instead, we'll be focusing on her off-duty 'fits which you can easily emulate. Here are 10 items to get if you're a fan of her aesthetic:

1. Black blazers

Lisa has been seen on several occasions wearing a black blazer, making it clear this is one of her must-haves. A great addition to any wardrobe, the black blazer goes with any look—be it formal or super casual, and with monotone or vibrant clothes. It's an easy-to-get item, too!


2. Oversized varsity jackets

Lisa wears varsity jackets so often, especially those which are oversized, they've become one of her signature fashion items. The jacket adds a relaxed and sporty touch to even the most feminine looks—a juxtaposition that is very Lisa indeed. Though casual, it instantly enhances the most ordinary outfits, striking a balance between off-duty and chic.


3. Crop tops

Whether it's fully sleeved, sleeveless or off-the-shoulder, a simple crop top seems to be a consistent staple in Lisa’s off-duty wardrobe. If you're unsure where to start, black is easy to match and the most forgiving colour to have in your closet.


4. A Celine handbag

Being one of Celine’s global ambassadors, it's no surprise Lisa is always spotted rocking one of their bags. With so many designs to choose from, we've narrowed down the list with three standout designs.


5. Denim jackets

Lisa also loves denim jackets, especially if they're oversized—so, go up one size! They're such a good look on her (and anyone, really), she wears them frequently both at work and off-duty. 


6. Colourful knitwear

Colourful knitwear may seem an odd choice given Lisa’s edgy vibe, but the pop of colour highlights her distinctive style and bold choices. We could also all do with more colour! To match Lisa, pair knitwear with fitted jeans.


7. Graphic T-shirts

Lisa is the queen of dressing anything up or down. This skill is especially demonstrated through her love for donning graphic tees. She’s posed on several occasions wearing different versions of them (including one from Blackpink's merch collection!). Any graphic T-shirt will do, be it vintage or brand new. But, if it’s up to us, here are our choices that we feel best capture Lisa.


8. Hoodies

If it isn’t obvious yet, Lisa loves to stay bundled up. Perhaps the Thailand-born idol loves to stay comfortable and warm at all times. But hey, this doesn’t mean you can only wear hoodies in colder climates. Take it from the queen herself: She’s worn them in all and any temperature.


9. Light wash high-waisted jeans

Light wash high-waisted jeans—a mouthful for something so basic—may seem an obvious item to add to this list, but Lisa truly takes this staple to another level. In fact, she seems to own a whole range of them—ranging from wide-legged, to ripped, to a mum-cut. Long story short, you can never have enough pairs of high-waisted jeans in light blue.


10. Hats

The best accessory for any 'fit, as shown by Lisa, is a hat. Not only will it protect you from the cold, heat, wind or sun—this accessory also has aesthetic purposes. It'll tie any look together, plus it can give you the reassurance to step out on a bad hair day. Look at Lisa: She rocks all types of hats!


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